Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Bookshelf Makeover

Junk bookshelf makeover before after redouxinteriors

Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Bookshelf Makeover  Happy Trashy Tuesday!  I have been hanging out in the Dumpsters again, but my dirty ways are paying off. Do you remember a few months back I got this bookshelf, My Junk Network tipped me off that it was waiting for me behind Target.  This is the sad state it […]

Trashy Tuesday Rugs and Table Tops

Found in a dumpster rug golf bag redouxinteriors

Trashy Tuesday Rugs and Table Tops Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  I have been AWOL with the Trash Talk here lately, mostly due to my extreme busyness with my new business!  If you haven’t heard, I am now a Distributor for CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paints.  If you live in Nevada, Arizona, […]

CeCe Caldwells Paints Workshops


CeCe Caldwells Paints workshops All classes are held at our Paint Studio/Workshop Oui Redoux, 3989 1st Street, Livermore, CA  We use 100% natural Cece Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paints, made in the USA!  Come learn everything you need to know to completely transform your furniture.  From distressing to layering paints, waxes to sealers.  Glazing, textures, […]

Decorating With CeCe Caldwells

decorating with cece caldwells redouxinteriors

Decorating with CeCe Caldwell’s It’s no secret I have been a die hard believer, yes BELIEVER in CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Mineral paints and products for THREE PLUS years now, since they first went national.  I have created a lot of projects with CeCe Caldwell’s over those years. Some of which you can check […]

Anthro Inspired Dresser, Number 1

Shingle Dresser after 1

Anthro Inspired Dresser, Number 1  I know you have all seen the amazing Antrho Numbered dresser that retails for $998, and the even more amazing knock offs.  I am not attempting to replicate either one.  Rather, my dresser is from the “School of Anthropologie” (if such a thing exists………..) Last week I shared my “Shingle […]

The Door to the Past

Salvaged door chalk 1

The Door to the Past Got some old doors?  Make them work for you!  Do you remember all those old doors I scored from the old church here in my town?  You know the ones they literally “gave” me?? I finally got my act together and used them for something.  I was especially partial to […]

Trashy Tuesday, Best Dumpster Diving Tips Ever


Trashy Tuesday, Best Dumpster Diving Tips Ever Happy New Year!  Are you busy making New Years resolutions, goals, and changes to be the best you can be?  Have you thought to include how to be the best Junker you can be?  No?  Well, then it is time to hone in on your inner Dumpster Diver.  […]

Redouxinteriors Handmade Hangout Week 31

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Redouxinteriors Handmade Hangout Week 31 Thank you so much for coming by to share your creative work!  I am still on the road and haven’t been around here much. In case you missed my BIG announcement, I am a Distributor for my beloved CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paints.  If you have […]