Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Diving DIY, Filing Cabinet, Sewing Cabinet and le garage

dumpster diving collage chair, filing cabinet and sewing cabinet redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!!  Where we talk trash, literally. I found a filing cabinet, a sewing cabinet and this super cool chair. Plus, I had a fight with a dumpster this week, and I WON! It was a slow week in the Dumpster Diving world, I have quite the full garage. As you can see […]

Hamper in Distress CeCe Caldwells Smokey Mountain, Distressed Finish

Hamper Distressed finish cece caldwells wet distress method redouxinteriors side

Hamper in Distress! Distressed finish that is.  I was intrigued by this little faux looking cabinet I found several weeks ago at my local Goodwill.  I knew right away what it neeed.  One coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Smokey Mountain Blue and some new knobs. On first look, it was disguised as a little cabinet.  Upon […]

Weekend DIY Inspiration, Girlfriend’s DIY week 3!

DIY Project Share

DIY Inspiration Welcome to Weekend DIY Inspiration, Girlfriend’s DIY week 3!  Here you get four fabulous DIY projects from my Upcycling friends, and plenty of inspiration for the weekend.  Check out what we have in store for you this week!   Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence shared this beautiful cross made from Pallet wood […]

The Best Linky Party #150 and Features!

Link Party #150 collage

Welcome the to The Best Linky Party, #150!!!  (It’s the best linky party around in my not so humble opinion).  Thank you to everyone who shares their projects here week after week!  This week was so hard to choose!  It was a banner party last week with amazing projects and I couldn’t narrow it down […]

Trashy Tuesday, Tables of the DIY Dumpster Dive

Dumpster Table collage redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  This week definitely had a theme. Here is a hint, they are round, they are square, they are short, they are tall, and this week, I found them all!   Tables!  And a cabinet with potential, a nice floor lamp (not pictured) plus 6 VERY solid oak chairs that go with the […]

Dumpster Dive Modern Bookshelf Goes Chip Hip

Texas Prairie Virginia Chestnut chippy banner  Redouxinteriors

If you follow me around for a week, you will notice a pattern.  I dig Dumpsters. And not just the kind of digging as in “I Like”.  I actually dig in the Dumpster. Check out my Trashy Tuesday series if you want to keep up with the trash!  My Modern Bookshelf to Chippy finish is […]

CeCe Caldwell’s behind the scenes look! Susan Edwards of Humblepie

Front of store - Copy

I love my association with CeCe Caldwell’s paints for so many reasons, one of which are the people!!  It is amazing how my favorite paint company  attracts the most interesting, creative, and truly good people.  I recently had an opportunity to get to know an amazingly creative woman. Susan Edwards from Humblepie, located in the […]

Weekend DIY Inspiration, Girlfriend’s DIY week 2!

PicMonkey Collage

Happy Friday! Welcome to our weekly Friday party! GIRLFRIEND’S DIY Karen from Redouxinteriors,Katie From Upcycled Treasures, Tami from Curb Alert, Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence Here you get to meet new friends and awesome DIY/Upcycled projects you may have missed elsewhere.   I have gathered some of my favorite DIY girl friends and sharing projects […]