La Petite Chaise with a Slipcover!

Did you notice a new button on my sidebar?  My Dresser Turned Bookshelf

made it into the top 10 at The DIY Club.

Now, onto that chair…….

I purchased this chair about a year ago for my daughter’s room from a garage sale.

The plan was to make a slip cover for it pronto.  Fast forward one year, it is still green and plain.

About three months ago, I finally began the slipcover with the help of the Video Tutorials at Miss Mustard Seed’s Slipcover Tutorials, which I might add are amazingly helpful.

With Christmas day and Christmas break fast approaching, (and a whole other list of DIY projects that need to be done, looming on my calendar), I promised myself it would be finished by Thursday before Christmas.  My machine was already on it’s deathbed.  Having been purchased for about $100 about 20 years ago…..All was going well, I had about 15 minutes left of work, and suddenly the needle dropped out of its place and into the machine, causing sudden and immediate death of my sewing machine.

Did I just laugh it off and say “Oh bien, cela est la vie!”  NON!!!

I actually started to cry.  Suffering husband took pity on me, revealed I was receiving a new sewing machine for Christmas and brought the present to me.

Sew….(hee hee),  15 minutes later I was sewing again.  It was like going from an old ugly Gremlin (if you are old enough to remember this car, I knew a kid in High School that had one of these) to a very reliable and smooth sailing Honda.

Voila!!!  Il est fini !

For the Project:  I tried to only use things I already had on hand.  I had a bolt of White Duck Fabric purchased years ago for another project (never gonna happen).

First thing to do when doing a slipcover, make the welting (the piping that adds detail to the lines of the piece).  This is not difficult, just a little time consuming.  Check Miss Mustard Seed tutorial on piping for the how to.  I save all my fabric scraps, and wanted a funky look to the chair.  I used all my scraps with red, pink or hot pink in them.  This is how the piping looked, once the chair was finished:

It is by no means a professional job, but I am pretty pleased with the final result.  And my daughter is LOVING it.

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  1. Nice!

  2. A-dorable!!! Love your combo piping, it just makes the whole piece have so much personality! Quick… before my girls see this, I've gotta click off or else, they'll want one – lol!!

    ps – are you swearing at me?


  4. I'm making one right now too using Miss Mustard Seed!! I'm hoping that my 15 year old $100 machine lasts just a little bit longer! LOL Looks great!

  5. It looks fantastic….bright, cheerful and perfect from here~

  6. oh that is adorable, karen! love the piping!

  7. I have a chair, couch, and loveseat if you have the time. :@

    Wonderful transformation!

  8. Love your slipcover. I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to follow back. Heather

  9. Just keep the dog and kids off of it now, and will be fine!

  10. Oh THAT IS SO CUTE! I love the scrapped piping!
    I've made slip covers before years ago… I've got to make some more…but the lazy factor is so strong right now!

    I must get over myself!
    Take care and have a great start to a wonderful new year!

  11. Your slip cover is truly lovely! What a gorgeous transformation!

    I appreciate your sweet comment after visiting my “Gloria-the-chair makeover.” It is so great to be introduced to you and your blog. ;)

    All the best in the new year!

  12. I LUV the mixed fabric patterns on the piping!!!! So boho-chic and funky! GREAT job! :) xoxo laurie

  13. I thinks its pretty good, and a clean white slipcover is so much nicer to look at than old upholstery. I'm working on my own slipcover, also using white duck cloth and it is a mess! LOL. Still, it looks better than the ugly blue cloth.

  14. All things upholstery intimidate me! So, I say you did FANTASTIC! I love the fun piping.

  15. Wow! You always amaze me!! Thanks for coming to the party!!

  16. Talk about welt cord “making” the piece! It’s the perfect touch! Love the different fabrics.

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