Friday Link Up Party #43 and Les Preferes

I am  foument dans l’amour (Madly in love in Franglaise…) with graphics on furniture.  Esp. if they are in French!  I love this from Junkin’ Junky

 Once again, Catherine, the mastermind behind  Freddy and Petuniahas gone completely outside the box with this project, Jewelery Box I should say, she gives detailed instructions on how to make this yourself from a frame and picture.  LOVE!

When I saw this collection of what to do with old springs, I became very Verclempt.  See, a few years ago, I had a lovely collection of springs from a couch we eventually chopped up and cannibalized for parts.  I searched hi and lo on the Internet, this was BP (before Pinterest) and I just could not find any good ideas for them, so I……threw in the trash
 Thank goodness this will never happen again, because Kim from Too Much Timehas shown a bunch of great ideas to use them for.Â

Have you seen all the fantastique floors that people are DIYing?  There are so many great ones, in fact I just saw that the stenciled floor made it into Country Living online.  See?  You never know where your projects will take you.  This one is made from….PAPER GROCERY BAGS.  It looks like an expensive Concrete texture or some kind of leather floor.   This is from 4 You With Love

And for the Grand Finale!!!!  Here is a Cece Caldwell project.  If you don’t know about Cece, go check it out at this link and then come back here for the rest of the show.  If you haven’t tried this paint, you will want to ASAP.  It is 100% green, is similar, but superior to chalk paint and is made here in the U.S.  This is the most adorable project from Bungalow 47.  I love the Green with the modern black design.  It is perfect for spring.Â

  I know we all love a good linky party, here are some more you won’t want to miss!
After you link up here, be sure to head over to my friends.  You never know where your next piece of inspiration may come from.  Check out these fun parties and stick around while you are there to visit their lovely blogs.Â

vif187Stuff and Nonsense
And now…..your turn!  Show me what fabulous things you have redone this week.

Remember…GTC only has a few rules, please grab a button from my side bar and add to your post, the more the merrier!

If you were featured this week, please help yourself to my “Celebre” button!Â
Please be friendly and visit each other’s links. You never know where your next great idea may come from.
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  1. I think this is the first time that I've partied with you :) I linked two, trying to make up for it. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Glad to be at your party – it's my first! Linking up my Dream Kitchen Reno and new GFC and Linky follower.

  3. What a fun party…it's my first time here…now I'm off to visit around.

  4. Hello….joining you for the first time! Deb of Refresh Restyle invited me ;->

    Thanks for hosting.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  5. i just love those springs! :)

  6. OK, those springs are pretty cool, but I love the white table and the paper bag floor. Linked up my silly pot and sharing the party on my fb page. :)

  7. I'm a first-timer to your party, thank you so much for hosting. Following along on GFC and Linky too. Love your features from last week….so much talent.

  8. Yeah for Friday Parties!!! So glad to have you joining the Friday Party Crew, couldn't have a more lovely addition. Such gorgeous features, love the green table! Thanks for hosting Karen…here's to lots more partying together!


  9. Hi there!! Just linked up over here and followed you along at GFC and Linky~ hope you will come do the same too~ Adding your button to my party post as well. Excited for another Friday party!! :) Thanks for hosting!

  10. Hey girl~Always love hanging out with you! I'll share your party on my fb page ;) Shan

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  11. Thanks so much for hosting.


  12. Wonderful features! Thanks for hosting this party.

  13. i linked up an older post
    which i hope is okay

    so nice to partying with you
    my new friday friend!


  14. Hi, First time partying here! coming from Common Ground! I'm following you on Linky and GFC. Hope you follow too. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Thank you for hosting! BTW I'm following you on LF…hope you'll find me and follow me too! Little Bit from

  16. Thanks so much for hosting! Love your blog. I've added your button to my sidebar, and I'm your newest follower. Found you at the Picket Fence:-)

  17. okay, i've never heard about cece caldwell paints… what do you know? have you used it??? share!!

  18. Hi Karen, found you at Stuff and Nonsense and I'm now following you also on Linky Followers, love that you dumpster dive, I'll be back:) Hope you follow back!


  19. Hi Karen, I found your blog through another blog off of a Linky party and I'm so glad I did. I love the projects and definitely need to look at them. I don't get much time to re-do things, but I'm hoping to re-do our old entertainment center and actually make it into a hutch. It will be a huge undertaking, but I think I know how I want it to turn out. I'm now a follower. If you have a chance I hope you'll stop by.

    Hugs, LisaKay
    Belles Roses Romantiques

  20. Thanks for hosting! Great features from last time too! Now off to visit…so much inspiration!!

  21. I'm a newbie here popping over from At The Picket Fence!
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  22. Yay, you're off to a great start! just linked up my busted transferware find, thanks for hosting and spreading the Friday Fun! xoxo

  23. My first time linking up! Now following you on GF & LF. Thanks for hosting.

  24. I have always wanted to try that paper bag floor! Those springs – beat still my heart! I am dying to try the chalk paint! Great features!

  25. I love, love CeCe Caldwell Paint. Totally natural and green and the wax is like butter with NO SmELL!! Love your blog.

  26. Bonjour, c'est ma premiere fois ici! J'y ajoute ma voie d'entree heureuse… Thank you for hosting the party :)

  27. Thanks for the shout out and for hosting:) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  28. Thank you so much for hosting. I'm a new follower with LF hope you will stop by and return the favor.

  29. Thanks to other link up bloggers today I found your blog. Added it to my own blog list, and linked up, followed. Thanks for hosting. Loved that paper bag floor feature, went to read her blog, had to send the address to my sister and finally got back here to link up. Whew.

  30. Thanks for hosting, I found out about you from Stuff and Nonsence! You have a beautiful site, I am now LF and GFC following, I hope you can follow me back at

  31. Thank you for hosting! Excited to find you from Stuff and Nonsense and Picket Fence!! Now your newest follower!

  32. Thanks for hosting a party full of awesomeness!

  33. Oh shoot I missed it this week – I'll catch ya next week and post the stencil.
    Love the French theme and feel of your blog.

    je m'appelle Robin

  34. Karen, thank you!! You know I'd hate to miss one of your parties!!!! ~Lori

  35. Thanks for “popping” over! I 'm so thrilled that you actually remembered me–LOL!!! Anyways….we had a huge break due to family trips and the Holidays. I didn't do any furniture until January :( so……you'll see some of my things on your next party for sure. Glad to see SOOOO many entries on this one too.

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