Prom Night For Grown Ups! Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

Happy 1987!!!!  Well, actually it is 2012

Recently our local High School had the annual “Prom”.

In honor of this rite of passage for teens, we decided as grown ups, (some of us actually parents of Prom age teenagers) to have our own Prom.

Let me back track….Our friends and I have a little gathering every few months we like to call, “Dinner Group”.  I wrote about our fun night the last time Mark and I hosted it here at our home, you can read about that HERE.

On this particular evening, we did a dinner outside, and everything was “eat with your hands, no utensils”

We have had some fun themes over the years.  One night, we did all gourmet “sauces” over steak.  Mark and I dressed alike, not on purpose (this was pointed out to us upon arrival at our friend’s home).  He even wore his sweater around his neck to match my scarf (that was on purpose).

The most fun we have had to date was our Prom

The whole Group, (including some extra guests)

The Girls:

The Guys:

Each of us dressed up in 80’s style Prom dresses and the guy’s took their own version of 80’s style for men.

My friend decked the house out in all things 80’s.  A disco ball, glow necklaces, and lots of neon.

For dinner we had Shrimp Cocktail, served around a Martini glass, Caesar Salad, Fettucine Alfredo, Broccoli and Cauliflower with a Cheese Sauce, and Bananas Foster for dessert.

Thanks to Pandora radio and Itunes, we had the best 80’s play list of music I have ever heard.  We danced the night away and (those of us who actually lived through the 80’s as teens), were transported back to our teenage years and all the fun of our youth.

Mark and I were feeling so nostalgic, we even watched this Friday night:

The best part of the night?  We all actually “liked” our dates.  No jealousies, no sympathy dates, no going with your best friend or sister.

It was a night to remember……

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  1. Barry Berg says

    What a great idea. Any pictures of you all dancing? Why do the guys look like the are from the Sopranos?

  2. says

    That is so hysterical!! Can my hubby and I come join your dinner group? :-) You both really rocked out the 80’s look and it totally took me back… for sure…like totally radical…you know?! 😉

  3. Shauna says

    So fun! Ok, I just had to laugh though, and please take this in the light-hearted way it is intended. Under the first picture you said the dinner was “eat with your hands, no utensils”. However, the poor woman, second from left, looks as if she has no hands! How is she supposed to eat?!?!?

  4. says

    oh my gosh!! I’m so glad I’m not in your class! The 80’s was bad enough the first time around – lol!!! What a hoot!! I was dumb enough to be elected VP my Freshman Year which apparently was a life sentence. Why do you think I moved to Phoenix to go to school then Maui to work? Trying to escape the madness – lol!! Well, not the madness, just the organization of reunions ~ I see most people from my class regularly anyway;) a hui hou, Shell


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