That Old Sewing Table Topped with Junque Wood

 Sewing Table Topped With Junque Wood! Sewing table Makeover!

Happy Monday!  If you missed the guest post I did for Kelly @EclecticallyVintage, then you will want to check that out!

Today I am showing the details of how to update an old Sewing table with wood planks I found, guess where……next to a dumpster! The sewing table was purchased at least two years ago…..

Sewing table to side table banner  redouxinteriorsIt was intended to replace my current night stand, Yes, it is a chair, and yes, I got it off the sidewalk…..The seat was big enough to hold all my junk:

Chair as a nightstand

This is the table I started with:

Sewing table before makeover

Here is a list of the supplies you will need for this project:

Old Table

Wood Planks of choice

Measuring tape and carpenters pencil

Power Sander

Table saw


Wood Screws

Gorilla Wood Glue

320 grit sand paper

Shop vac, hair dryer (for blowing out dust), and or tack cloths

Stain and sealer

Paint color of choice

Furniture wax

I had a pile of scrap pine planks that I thought would great make a great topper for this old table, and give it a totally new look.

wood planks used for sewing table makeover

 I did a “dry fit” onto the table.  This way, I can figure out, kind of like a puzzle piece, which pieces fit together the best.

I know it seems like it would have made sense to cut them all the same length before this, but there was variation in the wood, so I had to kind of slide them back and forth until I had the right “fit”.  Then I marked each plank where to cut.

wood planks dry fit on sewing table makeover

Next, I removed the planks and kept them in the same order, laying them on the ground, then cut each one in order.  I then  prepared the top by adding Gorilla Wood Glue, then placing the planks back on top and weighting it down while it dried.

I work high tech here……I let this dry overnight.

Sewing table makeover in progress

After the glue had set, I drilled pilot holes at each end of the planks and just a few, where it was a little looser in the middle. Remember, I was not going for a “perfect” look here.  I then screwed in wood screws into each hole. I  filled in each hole with Wood Filler, (I extend my wood filler by adding saw dust and water to it. (Keep it in the fridge though, it will get moldy if you don’t).  I have done this many times, and it works perfectly every time.

sewing table makeover before paint

When the wood filler had dried, I sanded the top smooth with a power sander and a 220 grit pad.  I went back over the top by hand with a 320 grit piece of sand paper, for an extra smooth finish.

I used my shop vac to get all the dust out of the grooves, and to get a really good “stainable and clean” surface.

Now time to stain, I used a new product that Minwax is making called “Polyshades”.  A combination stain and Polyurethane.  Since I hadn’t invested more than $10 into this project,  I was willing to give it a try.  I really liked it.  Shelly @ALittlebito’Shizzle has other ideas……We agreed to disagree.

I used the “Antique Walnut Stain” finish (but this picture shows another flavor).  I liked this product so much I used it on another entire kitchen set I did (post later this week)

The finish was a just a little too shiny, so I toned it down with a coat of Dark Wax from Myland’s Furniture Wax Company

When I had the top as I wanted it, I went to work on the body of the table.  I mixed two colors of CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  I used 1/2 Seattle Mist (grey) and 1/2 Vintage White.

Cece Caldwell’s Paints has a very high adhesion, so I didn’t worry about priming first, but the finish was very highly lacquered, so I did rough it up a bit with 220 grit sandpaper.  Then I painted one coat only and waited about an hour for it dry.  (It was very hot the day I painted).  When dry, I sanded lightly with a 320 grit sandpaper to make the finish perfectly soft and smooth.  I went back over the table with CeCe Caldwell’s 100%  natural furniture wax.  I let it set up for a few hours, and then buffed it all over for a beautiful, shiny and durable  finish.  I added three knobs that I had on hand, I like that none of them match, it gives more character to the piece.

Here is the finished piece!

sewing table close up with wood planks

Sewing Table turned Side Table

Sewing table makeover

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  1. Oh my gosh I pretty much LOVE that !!! I am on my way over to see how you did it :)

  2. ok, i love all you do, but this goes down as a favorite! awesome!

  3. This is the most awesome table of all time!

    So glad you guest posted this with me last week – everyone loved it as much as I do!

    Pinning this – I have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots of plank topped tables in blogland!

  4. Looks Awesome!!!

  5. This is cute and creative, but I want to see what other unusual pieces you are using like the night stand chair. Wink

  6. Hey K – It’s absolutely lovely! Gonna share as a great upcycle example over at BVC! When can you come to Sweden for personalized teachings?

  7. that is just gorgeous! How does the paint you used compare to the Annie Sloan stuff?

  8. That is stunning! Love the look of the top with that paint…and I must try this paint for sure!

  9. Karen, the finish on this piece is so beautiful, I just can’t stop staring at it. Absolutely beautiful! Gotta LOVE CeCe Caldwell Paint & Wax!

  10. “Simply” phenomenal!

  11. AWESOME!!! Really really great job!

  12. Wow, that came out really nice. Good pic of it too!

  13. WOW, this is fabulous, love the color, it’s gorgeous!!!

  14. This is utterly awesome! I love the wood plank top! It looks great! It goes so well with the painted bottom too! Great job!!

  15. Thanks for a great tutorial – so much good info! I love how it turned out!

  16. Superb job.You turned the table into a work of art. this is pure inspiration.

  17. Karen you know I love love love this project!! Thanx for linking up to THT!

  18. That is beautiful! I triple love it!

  19. love this and what you did with it, it looks fantastic, i would love to feature it if that would be ok with you please let me know

  20. That is so stinkin’ cute! Love the old-new top!

  21. Your table came out lovely! Wonderful job!

  22. Cherry Rains says:

    So great of a job, I appreaciate all the details you made for us!! I have two of these my aunt gavbe me to do something with, now I have no excuses! Tks!

  23. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Okay, I guess you already know that I TOTALLY love it!

  24. I so love this! I see sewing tables at thrift shops all the time…now I am going to pick one up. And thanks for the tip on extending the wood filler, I am totally using it! I am featuring you tonight…and not just cause you featured me today:) hee hee I decided on featuring this before I even knew it was yours!
    xxx Kim

  25. I am following you now by email. I love your work and vision:)

  26. Me again. If you know of an online outlet that sells Minwax and will ship to South Africa I will be so happy if you can let me know.


  27. That is totally awesome. i love how you added those boards to the top – now you would have no idea that it started out as a sewing cabinet:)

  28. Gorgeous! I appreciate how you take the time to explain to us “newbies” in the crafting/junk world just how you do things. Thanks much!

  29. Would love to see this in place! :) Super cute!

  30. This turned out so awesome. I love how you redid the top. Just beautiful :)

  31. Such a beautiful redo. I love how you redid the top–smart!

  32. What a fantastic piece!

  33. Karen, this table is gorgeous! I loooove the color and that planked top, it’s so pretty! What a beautiful makeover :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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