Trashy Tuesday – Country Style Dresser Turned Industrial Chic

Trashy Tuesday – Country Style Dresser turned Industrial Chic

Do you remember THIS POST, the one where I started stripping a “Free to Me” dresser, and thought I would have the whole project completed that day? This is what it was transformed to!


 This is where we started.  Country Style, all the way back to mid 1980’s

This dresser technically qualifies for “trash”.  It was left behind years ago in a friend of a friend’s garage after the friend of the friend moved.  One drawer had been painted green in an effort to transform it, then was abandoned and chalked up to the fact that it would always look like a Country Style dresser.  I took the dresser and painted it in white and cream, where it has faithfully served as a dresser in my bedroom for almost 7 years now.

Sufferering husband and I are finally, FINALLY giving our bedroom a grown up look.  Being one that doesn’t like to throw out furniture.  I “REDOUX” it, I wasn’t going to let this piece go without at least trying to give it another life.

I wanted to experiment a little with the finish, rustic, urban, industrial.  I wanted Industrial Chic.  Here is what I did:

I stripped almost all the paint off, but left some of it in the corners.  I wanted the dresser to look like it had been around a long time.  See the remnants of the paint in there?

After sanding the entire piece very smooth.  I used a 220 grit to get a nice surface, then I always finish with a 320.  This is the step that gives your furniture a velvety, smooth feel.  I then used Minwax’s Prestain Wood Conditioner:

I love this product.  Stain takes perfectly every time now.

This time I did something different with the stain.  I worked in sections, top, sides, then drawers.  When I got to the drawers, I applied the stain, then wiped some of it off with a painters rag, and left some to soak into the wood a little longer.  I did this because I wanted an uneven (Old look).

I had a lovely gift card to Anthropology for my birthday. I added these vintage looking knobs.  The dresser was finished, but I was waiting for the last perfect detail.  These Vintage Casters I ordered online from Vintage Industrial   I love how old they look!  Perfect for an Industrial Chic Dresser.

The transformation was complete.  When I look at this dresser, I don’t see Country Style anymore. I see a Country Style Dresser Turned Industrial Chic.  Maybe an uber cool and hip grown up would have in their bedroom.  Since I didn’t have an uber hip and cool grown up around, I moved it into our master bedroom.

It looks like it could have even been around when you took pictures with camera that used film!

Can you believe THIS

Is now THIS????

I am challenging myself to see if I can “Redoux” the entire room with existing pieces, or pieces I found for free.  So far so good!  If you missed my other “Le Junque” Redoux I added to my master, you can read about it HERE









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  1. says

    That looks like you would find it in Pottery Barn catalog for about $3,000! What a fabulous transformation! Love it! (and I do believe I could add 5 more exclamation points for this too!)

  2. says

    That look soooo good! I have an old dresser I painted white, I’ve been wondering what to do with it. Now I think I might have an idea, thanks!

  3. says

    Hi there “GTC”,
    In my browsing around the big ol’ internet, I was pleased to run across your blog and just have to say, I love your ideas for saving furniture! I even had to share your site with friends on my own blog at Facebook. Thanks for sharing what you do very well :O) ~Molly from Mollykid Studios

  4. says

    That is one of the coolest redoux’s I’ve EVER seen anywhere. If not THE coolest! LOVE what you did and it is even cooler when you see what you started with. I’m going to remember this stain technique – love the look you got. And the knobs are perfect for it. You could make a killing redoing and selling these things!

  5. says

    Lovin those casters. They are the perfect finishing touch. GREAT MAKEOVER. Im now your newest follower. Please come visit me at PICKINand and hopfully you’ll follow back?? THANKS!

  6. says

    Could you share with me what size casters you used? I’m in love with them and they are just what I need for the kitchen island/cart I want my husband to build for me. Thanks!

  7. Tracy says

    Amazingly better. It is refreshing to see furniture that is stained verses white. You really did a good job transforming that piece.

  8. says

    LOVE this dresser! he finish looks so stinkin great!
    Saw you featured and P&P- and just had to pin this guy!!
    I’m off to poke around your blog!
    xo Becca

  9. Jenny@NorthwestLovelies says

    I think I just fell in love with a dresser. It’s amazing! You did a fantastic job transforming it!!

  10. Q says

    I love the dresser! I would also love some advice :). I’m currently staining my kitchen cabinets (a project I’m a little over my head in), I have stained the frames without using a wood conditioner, overall I’m happy with the result but have noticed a little uneveness, so I decided that a wood conditioner would be useful for the drawers and doors. I used the wood conditioner on the back of a front, to test the area. I noticed that it yellowed the wood considerably. When I stained it it still looked yellowed and the stain still did not take evenly. Basically I’m very disappointed now not only does it look uneven, but also yellow. (I used the Minwax conditioner) Please help! Thank you!

  11. says

    Oh, you meant to say that is my house warming gift, right!? I love how you aged and revamped this dresser. All of the finishing details truly make it spectacular! When is the next Paris Flea Market!?

  12. says

    One of my all-time favs! I will be featuring it later in my next post – love it!!
    Thanks for sharing at the Favorite Furniture Makeovers of 2012 party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  13. Tiffany says

    Hi! I loooove the last dresser and i am wondering what color stain you used? I have bought 5 different colors and they dont look like yours, lol also what kind of wood is that? Any info would be very appreciated!

  14. says

    Hi! I think this is the nicest, masculine, looking dresser redo. I would love to do this with a dresser for my son’s room. I have done some furniture stuff in my lifetime but not recently and am hoping the products have gotten loads better. So I have a few questions:
    1. What paint stripper do you recommend?
    2. How long did you leave the stain on for the lighter coat and then the darker sections?
    3. Did you add any sealer or wax at the end?

    Thanks for your help!

    • GTC says

      Hi Sheila, If you can find a good natural paint stripper, I would go with that. Zinnser used to make one, but I just did a search on Amazon and I couldn’t find it. Otherwise, I would recommend Jasco. It is very toxic, but does the job. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and wear eye googgles.
      I let the stain sit for a while in the darker sections, approximatey the amount of time recommended on the can, for the lighter sections I wiped it off right away.
      I used CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Wax to seal it. CeCe Caldwell’s also makes a fabulous all natural stain in four shades now, but I haven’t tested them to see if you could get the same results.

  15. Lyndsay says

    Beautiful piece! About how long did it take you to do this piece? I’m getting ready to do a cherry colonial dresser and nightstand, my biggest worry is the stripping.


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