Link Party #70 and Mes Préférés!

Happy Almost weekend friends!  I am loving all the cute Halloween crafts and ideas I have seen this week.  This year, I am PROMISING myself I will make something for Halloween. I would love a cute Halloween wreath for my door.  There are some great ideas on my Pinterest Holiday board, let’s see if I actually make one!

It looks like it was a very productive week for everyone who shared, so many great projects!  I am finishing up a Kitchen and two bathrooms (hopefully today), and I can share the “Redoux” with you next week.

Here are my favorites that you shared last week:

I love a two toned piece of furniture, but have never seen it done quite like this on a Coffee Table, and it was FREE, that is my love language in furniture speak.  This from the Craftiest Woman, so beautiful!

Is this the prettiest little outdoor vignette?  Made from old doors, this clever gal from Vintage Mellie saw one on Pinterest, and her husband whipped one up in an hour!  I love all the fun personal decor she has added.  Very cute, and what an original use for old doors!

Do you all love sliding old doors as much as I do?  I keep hunting for a space in my home to stick one…..This is from Cottage 4C, she got these doors for $10 each!  Definitely put one of them to good use, so cute!

I love all the metallic looking furniture I am seeing around the blogosphere.  There are so many great ideas!  This a beautiful example from Retro Redux.  Check out the details she added too, you have to see the before to appreciate the after!

My last, and MOST FAVORITE, as in borderline obsession is this counter top from Fox Hollow Cottage.  This is OLD FENCE BOARDS people!  As in, what you have laying around when you fix the fence.  I love, love, love the really rustic look.  Obviously you couldn’t serve dinner on this (well at least not every night), but how much fun would it be to have this in your kitchen?

And now…….I must turn into the Naggy Blogger.  If you have followed here for a while, then you know, YOU KNOW how much I hate WORD VERIFICATION!!!  Please, please, please, I beg you, turn this off!  Your server will control so much of the SPAM.  I had to squint and guess at so many of your posts that I was about to not comment again if there was one more word verification.  It is evil, most people hate it, and you will have far more traffic to your blog if you GET RID OF IT NOW!!!!!   Also, I don’t come across this too often, but closing your comments?  This is strange.  Unless you have a zillion comments and you can’t take anymore, why would prevent people from commenting on your beautiful work?  I actually chose not to feature someone because their comments were closed on a great project.  I really didn’t feel like hunting down the email, after I had gone through all the word verification already

Truly, if you want more traffic, and who doesn’t?  Make your blog as user friendly as possible, keep your door open and welcoming to all the friendly people who want to stop by and check out your talent.  Want to read more?  Then this post by Fabulous Decorating Blogger Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating did an entire post on what bloggers Pet Peeves are about other blogs.  Kristi opened her comments as a forum, then added up the issues.  Kristi has a fabulous DIY/decorating blog, and if you haven’t been by, then you are missing out!  You would be very surprised at some of the things that came out on top.

Stepping off my soapbox now…….

 Now for “Le Rules”

#1 Please be considerate and take a “Fridays at Redoux” button from my BUTTONS page to display on your post that you are linking up here. If you are just joining for the first time, you can go back and add edit an already published post and add link buttons. Merci!

If you were featured this week, feel free to grab my “Celebre” Button from this page!

After you have linked up, please go visit my fantastic Friday Link Party friends. They all have wonderful projects linked up that you may not see here, so be sure to hop on over.

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  1. says

    Thank you for hosting again this week!! Loved your “creepy” story earlier! I SERIOUSLY need to find time to dive… An apartment route… I wouldn’t have thought of such a thing, but it makes TOTAL sense if you factor in the turnover that apts have compared to beighborhoods! Thanks for the idea!! 😀 😀 ~Amber ( of

  2. Rachel says

    Thanks for being such a fabulous consistent hostess!!!! Love checking out your party every week even when I don’t have something to share myself.


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