How to Trick out your Witch Hat, a little spray paint helps

Happy Friday, if you looking for the link party, it runs through Sunday at midnight, and you can find it right HERE.


Happy Halloween my friends!  Well, not quite yet, but it is coming!

At Paris Flea Market in October, we “Trick” it out for Halloween.  We love Halloween so much there, that we have an annual Witch Hat costume, that also runs through this weekend at our Sister store in Walnut Creek, California. Room With a Past.

I am not always the “Crafty” one of the bunch, but I do enjoy a good challenge.  Every year there is a Witch Hat contest at both shops.  Consignors and Customers alike are invited to Trick out their Witch hat.  All Consignors then vote on the best hat.  I have a fiercely competitive streak, so I went all out for this one.

I started with these items:

Two Black Leaf Garlands from the Party supply Store

A basic witch hat (also purchased from party supply store)

A can of Black Glitter Spray

A bunch of batting

A glue gun and some fake spiders.


I started by spraying the garlands, both sides with the glitter spray.  In order to avoid tracking glitter everywhere, give it a really good “shake” when it is dry, before you bring it inside.  It remained pretty much glitter shed free.

I stuffed the top of my witch hat with batting, then set to work, hot glueing the garland around the witch hat in a circular motion, starting at the top.  After the Garland was secured, I added a ton of plastic Spiders.  (In hindsight, I wish I had spray painted the Spiders Silver, so they would stand out).  I thought it might be too much, but as my daughter said, when it comes to crafting, there is no such thing as “too much”.  LOL!

I removed the bottom 1/3 of the batting, so I could now keep it on my head.  Here is the finished product.  I got a ton of compliments and feed back.  It will definitely be my “Treat” if I win this contest!!  (And I darn well better, or else!)  (I can be a mean witch too).


La Nuit des sorcières heureuse !

I am linking my spray glitter (paint) project to this fun party.  These fun blogs are hosting it together.  You can link up at It All Started with Paint, Thistlewood Farm, Finding Home, or Top This Top That.




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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I love the gliittery leaves wrapping around your hat and the spiders are the perfect creepy touch! And you look adorable! The whole idea of a witch hat contest is so much fun!

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