La French Armoire, oo la la!

LE LUNDI JOYEUX!!!! Why am I so happy it is Monday?  To begin with, our beloved GIANTS swept the World Series last night, making history in the process.  It was a fun evening here at the Berg home.  Sergio Romo expressed it best for all of us.

We are debating the parade in SF on Wednesday, but it is on Halloween, and Halloween in San Francisco is it’s own outrageous event.  Not sure what a SF Giant’s World Series Parade and Halloween together will do to the amount of traffic and craziness there!  All part of the reason we love San Francisco, but sometimes you have to love it on TV!

Do I take my children to something that could turn into this????? les décisions, les décisions!!!!

Enough about moi and the SF Giants, let’s talk about my furniture!  I am talking Frenchy, French love this week.  I purchased this Armoire about two years ago as part of two French Style sets I purchased on Craigslist.  This is the very last piece to be sold.  And by far, the one I am most proud of.

It started out as a solid piece, but with that early 80’s speckly beige finish, and a fakey stained wood top.  We had taken the doors off to move it because each door is solid wood and weighed  quite a bit on their own.

Really lovely, but no character, and the finish is blah factory finish

 We started by base coating the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut.  (which I cannot find that picture of now…..).  Many months later I returned to it.  I painted the next layer in CeCe Cadlwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow.  While the paint was still damp, I brushed in a mixture of CeCe Caldwell’s Omaha Ochre and California Gold.

Once the paint was completely dry, I sanded the entire piece thoroughly with a 320 grit sandpaper to burnish the paint. This allows all the variation in colors to come through.  This is one of the reasons I love CeCe Paints so much, the colors are variegated, like a beautiful piece of Silk.  Because there are two types of clay used in this paint, it is different from any other paint on the market.  (More on this beautiful feature of CeCe Caldwell’s paints coming soon in another post).  I wanted the details to show more, so I went back and distressed the high points with a 220 grit sandpaper.  After brushing off all the excess paint dust, I went in with CeCe Caldwell’s 100% natural Clear Wax.  While this was still wet, I added in Dark Wax to age the piece, especially around the detail.


Here is the interesting part of the story.  This piece sold at my last Paris Flea Market sale, but the new owner couldn’t pick it up during the sale.  We had made arrangements to meet her at the store last Saturday so we could help load it into her truck.  On our way there, we got a phone call from this poor woman that her truck had broken down about 5 minutes from the store and was being towed to a service station.  We had to pick the piece up and take it home again…….BUT!!!  This was a turn of good luck for me. See, I was in such a big hurry to get this into my space that I completely forgot to get decent pictures of it before it sold!  I really love the way it looks in my dining room.  Maybe the new owner will change her mind?

La bonne fortune pour moi!

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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Oh my goodness, she just glows! What a beauty! … Bracing for Sandy! The rain and wind is picking up, but we still have power. Scary stuff!

  2. says

    Uggggh,,, our poor Detroit Tigers…. sigh, I’ll give you the honors, your team showed up and slugged away big time – a shame our guys were swept, they are better than that, but you gotta show up and give it your best, and the Giants surely did that – so congrats!

    Your piece is awesome, you hit it out of the park too!

  3. says

    Congrats for sure on the Giants win! That was FANTASTIC! Your piece is super Karen. I painted something again today and I thought of you and some of the other gals. What I was thinking is, dang how are they so good and how do they do this all the time LOL!~ I really enjoy it too, I just can’t do it that much because my patience just is not with me. Thanks for sharing your spectacular works with the newbie party.

  4. says

    Love love love that armoire! Love that yellow! I was looking for inspiration for a french empire chair I am reupholstering and this is it. That color will look fantastic with my new fabric, which is red, blue and yellow.

    Well done (again!).



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