Trashy Tuesday, Are We There Yet?

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, where we literally talk trash.  I am actually not sharing much of my “Junque” with you today.  I left it all behind me when I left for Hawaii, hoping it would magically organize itself while I was gone.  Guess what, it didn’t.  And guess what else.  It is raining now.  So, that means on Saturday, I had to edit, yet once again, what I could donate, and what was truly not salvageable.  I HATE doing this.  But, for the happiness of my yard, my family, and especially Mark, I press on.

Well, I DID make some progress on the garage.  A good half of that is OPF.  “Other People’s Furniture”.

And here is a shameful update of my side yard……

And while we are on the subject of OPF. I thought I would show you the progress on this hutch.  I took out the glass shelving, and I cut JUNK boards, that I literally found in a giant pile next to a random dumpster.  They have been cut to fit the shelf space, and just need to be cleaned up.  I will show you all the details as this project comes to a close.

In the meantime.  I have not picked up one more piece of junque, NOT ONE!  In over two weeks now.

I did have so much fun spying on other people’s “junque” in Hawaii.  I CAN’T help myself!  On the way home from a drive up the Northern side of Maui, we came back through Wailuku.  We are the types that like to go down alleys and look at things tourists don’t.  Like people’s back yards and teeny tiny shops.  While doing this, I spied this yard.  It made me feel justified that there is someone out there, actually worse than me.

I really was digging that bird cage.  If the owner had been home, I was hoping to be greeted with this: ” E komo mai“.  And I would have said, thanks, I will make your house my home, and take off with that bird cage while I am at it!

Hope your junqueing is going well.  Remember me when your yard and garage starts to get too full.  Let me be a terrible example, or a wonderful place to shop, depending on how you look at it ;0



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  1. says

    So fun to see how others store their “junk” aka treasures! Welcome back! Looking forward to what goodies you are able to transform next :)

  2. Gillian says

    Hi, welcome home. I don’t usually comment, just stalk from afar……Australia actually. I don’t identify as a junker either, I found your page while trying to help a friend empty her mums house (mum was a hoarder and has passed away and friend has an emotional attachment to some things). We’ve been working our way through the house and selling things at market stalls.

    Anyway, the reason for my comment was to ask what you would do with such an old birdcage, my friend has one on her mums porch, we were going to ditch it……should we do something with it?

  3. says

    You are too funny. Your pile of furniture has some treasures in there, and I just love how you bring these pieces back to life! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you renew what is already on this earth – you inspire me every time I visit your blog, to find a piece to revive rather than buy something new, and make junk into something functional and pretty.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip to Hawaii…we are going there for the first time in February and I cannot wait!

  4. says

    I tend to do the same thing! I always hope I’m not that person that everyone says oh she’s a hoarder! I must say though I might be getting close with the ever growing pile in my shop! I always justify it by I will make itbeautiful!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be following you! Traci

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