A Memo to My Mess, Before the Sale

Here I am again.  This time during the sale.  Each month, VOWING to myself to not let the mess get out of hand, then the last 72 hours leading up……..all my resolutions go out the window.  I suddenly turn into the painting, glueing, crafting factory, and leave a trail of my work all over my kitchen table, the counter, etc.  And what is worse, I begin to neglect the mess that accumulates with it.  The extra “stuff” I am constantly putting away, throwing away, making my kids put away, just starts to become part of the decor.   This month, out went all the Halloween stuff and in went, get this CHRISTMAS!  Paris Flea Market is looking really festive!

So here is my memo to my house:

Sorry for the mess, AGAIN.  I promise you will be cleaned up Friday night when I get home from work, at which time, any unfinished projects will have to be thrown in a bag and will wait until 72 hours prior to the next Paris Flea Market sale.

The paintbrushes and cans of paint on the counter are there temporarily, don’t worry, it is CeCe Caldwell’s paint and won’t stain your beautiful finish.

Sorry about the accumulation of other “stuff” I cannot control.  Please see the rest of family to address this issue. -Mom

PS Thanks for your enduring patience, my space turned out pretty good!


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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Your space looks awesome! … And I totally get it! It’s probably a good thing that we only have four sales a year. I get into a bit of a frenzy before a sale and there are projects all over the house. Right now there is snow and glitter everywhere!

    • says

      ang cheeeeeeeesy! hehe..pero kiiddng aside, this is soooooooooooooooooooo SWEET!you’re one damn lucky guy, este, gay? haha..i hope i’d find the one for me rin and have something beyond hormones, beyond physiology (my subject actually this sem) and beyond science Congrats yoshke.I am so happy for you!^-^

  2. Trish says

    Your booth looks lovely – your house not so much (kiddin’) You can’t have one looking good without the other looking messy.

  3. Kristie Cortes says

    I am so glad I am not alone. The antique store I sell out of has a monthly flea market and the week of the sale my house is a disaster from the living room thru the kitchen to out on the back patio.

  4. says

    oh Karen, I see beauty even in the mess!! And you make me feel so much better about my messes..LOL!! I have an anal retentive husband that walks around me putting stuff away right as I am about to use it…CURSES!! :)
    The flea looks fab!~
    Love ya,


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