It’s time for some Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Link Party #79 and Mes Préférés!

If you saw my post earlier this week, then you will know why I have not written all week.  Today we say our final goodbyes to our friend Byron.  The service is all planned, and I imagine it will be beautiful.  Since Byron was a man who was really passionate about the arts, in his case, the biggest music collection I have ever seen, and a HUGE movie buff.  Byron had so many songs in his Itunes library that his kids figured out they could play all of them, and it would play for 24 hours a day, for 24 days!  They recently took their son to college in Idaho, a longgg drive from Idaho.  Byron had so many songs on his iPod for the trip they went all the way there and back and did not repeat a song once.  And this was just from the Country Playlist!

In our faith, we have funerals that are a celebration of a life and the life to come.  Yes, they are still sad, but they are also joyous as we are reminded of all the blessings we have and will have.  Byron so loved his music and movies, and Jeni is an awesome crafter and loves a good furniture makeover.  So in the spirit of all things creative, I am dedicating this link party to my friends Byron and Jeni.

Here we go!

I saw this lampshade makeover from Minerva’s Garden.  I loved it so much that I bought ribbon that was similar and did the same thing!  Mine did not turn out as beautiful as Minerva’s, but I love this idea. And there is an awesome tutorial to go with it!

This next project is so gorgeous. This clever girl from One Girl in Pink was inspired by one of those gorgeous Swedish clocks with the old finish?  Look how she replicated this with all the color variations!  Love!

Jeni loves things like this, and I do too!  This is so cute from Freddy and Petunia, she used old fence boards to make these tool boxes, and check out those handles!  So love it!


How many times do you pass by those blah boxy end tables at the thrift store?  This one has a brand new lease on life, I love the colors!  From Howdy Honey.

I adore a good chair makeover, and especially one that is rustic.  The clever gal at the Rustic Pig did a super job on this chair, it looks like it was done by a professional upholsterer!

I have to be perfectly honest.  I am not a big fan of Chevron, but when I saw these tables from Jesse at Nine Red, I am seeing it in a whole new light.  Look how crisp and perfect those lines are!  I love the contrast of color with the stained wood.  So original!

Hope you enjoyed the amazing show of creativity here.  If you think about it while you are reading this, think a good thought or say a prayer for my friends.  Today,  Thursday will be long and hard.  What will be even harder though are the days that follow.  When life goes back to normal for everyone else, it doesn’t for someone who has lost a loved one.  I know Byron will be at the funeral today, there will be some beautiful music sung, a wonderful slide show and it will be set to the music he loved from his 24 days of nonstop library.

Don’t stop creating.  It is what elevates us humans to a higher state.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me each week.  I am so grateful I get to see first hand how many creative souls there are that just come by my blog.


Now for “Le Rules”

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for another great party!!
    So sorry to hear about your friend – may only good memories surround his family…………….

  2. says

    You’re always so generous to feature my projects–big hugs and Thanks!
    I was glad to see your post and to hear how things were going with your friend. When my uncle died a few years ago, as sad as it was–we laughed away sharing all kinds of “Uncle Fred-stories,” which made the day more of a celebration too. I miss him still, but think of him all the time!
    Btw—HE is the Freddy of Freddy & Petunia!

  3. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my coffee sack chair!! I am beyond excited!!!

    On a side note.. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I know it’s hard, but agree that you will all see him again some day. This life is only a breath compared to the eternity we will spend in heaven.


  4. says

    I love how you celebrated your friend’s life in this post. I hope the celebration continues.

    On another note (oh how CRAZY! I just glanced up at Claire’s comment and saw nearly the same words), Claire and I are friends and ex-coworkers in real life. We used to work together at our church. Thanks for featuring us, especially together!

  5. says

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. You are in my thoughts! Thank you for hosting this party even with everything you’ve got going on. Megan

  6. says

    I’m so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person… it’s late, and I thought, boy, I need to go say hi to my little pixie ninja. I am so glad I did. Hugs my friend. XXX Shan

  7. Jeni Groseclose says

    Oh Karen, thank you!! Byron loved you two so much and was so thankful for your generous love and friendship.

    PS. Lauren is DYING over the turquoise and black and white chevron table. Too cute!


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