Trashy Tuesday, I fell off the Garbage Truck

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  Where we talk trash, literally.

A couple of weeks ago when my friends from Paris Flea Market came over, the 1st thing they wanted to do was dumpster dive.  What was I supposed to tell them?  No, I am “on” the Garbage Truck and if I fall off it could get really ugly again, as in my side yard….(which I am happy to tell you is depleting as I work my way through my projects).


Since that day, I have been, well, dumpster diving on a regular basis again.  I haven’t been nearly as thorough as I once was, but wow, things started appearing again, like immediately!  The afternoon after the dive, my friend called to tell me someone had dumped a dresser in the middle of her street.  She lives in a very rural area, and apparently the middle of the street is better than the side of the street for dumpees. Of course I grabbed it, fast!

This is what I came home with.

With the missing drawer, I thought I would do the shelf thing on the top and do another rolling cart thing.  No problem.  As I started taking it apart, I realized the entire piece was held together with the longest staples and the most stubborn nails I have ever come across.  This is the average length of the staple I was dealing with:

This is at least an inch and 1/2 long!!!  I think I displaced my shoulder trying to pull one of these out.


Anywho.  I hoped to have more to share with you, I finally did ALMOST finish it.  It was blood, sweat and tears, and after all that effort, I need to find some fantastic knobs, so it is not ready for it’s closeup.

In the meantime, since apparently the world knows I am picking up garbage again, I saw this sign after dropping Rachel off at a friend’s house.  I scored a side table, a chair, a lamp and a pretty nice basket.

Stay tuned to see what I have next week!



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  1. sharleen says

    I just wanted to say that living in Australia we have a different system to dumpster diving. its called verge pick up and it free. Once or twice a year each suburb gets a free council hard waste collection. My hubby and myself spend most weekend going around to different suburbs to see what good junque we can find. Its so much fun. I coined a name for myself its the Vergen Queen. I do love your finds in your dumpsters too. Sharleen.

  2. Kathy Nielsen says

    Wow! I don’t lnow where you live but I haven’t come across any of the finds you have. I go around to all the “dumpsters” that I can find, but have been unsuccessful. I guess liveing in Eugene, Oregon everyone keeps all their junk to give to the Goodwill. If you go in there it is totally crowded and the prices are not cheap even when it’s a broken item. Kathy

  3. Kathy Nielsen says

    Hi, I totally forgot to add……I love your re-do’s. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from you. You certainly have a way with paint. I bought some cc caldwell’s paint, but I think I should go to a tutorial on the different ways to use the paint and the wax. Again, love your work.

  4. says

    Hi Karen – I have been trying hard not to curbshop recently too – it is painful to drive by a pile of roadside rejects and not stop for a peek. On our way home last night, I noticed that a nearby suburb has their hard rubbish out and I REALLY REALLY want to go back over there this morning for a LITTLE look see :-)

  5. says

    Wow, you scored some great pieces! I think I drive too fast…or I need stronger eye glasses. I am usually too late in spotting free curb side furniture.


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