In case you missed it, The weekend Warrior Sealed the Deal, And! Making Office Progress

 Happy Day after Christmas friends!  I hope everyone had a beautiful day with loved ones.  We had a mostly relaxing day here, and I managed to get a little organizing done in the down time.  I know it looks like I shuffled things around, but truly, I did make progress!  I corralled all like things into baskets and boxes.  I even made a list of all the items that will need their own basket when I am finished.  No more shoving things in drawers, piles, etc.  I threw out two large garbage bags of just junk, and I mean “JUNK”, not “JUNQUE”!   I also filled up two large bags of things to be donated, not to mention the furniture….. I hope we will all be amazed when this office makeover is complete.  And….let’s hope it gets completed in time for the kids to go back to school and I can actually work!

Remember this area?



(During) Here it is now, see if you can tell a difference!

Office in progress 1

(Before) How about this chair area, did you know there was  a chair in there?

Chair area


Office in progress  2

And finally, I really want to create something inspired by this picture:

Office in progress 4In this area, (and mine will not have the grease or whatever that is on the picture on the finished product)

Office in progress  3

Now, onto an oldie but a goodie.  This piece was even featured in Apartment Therapy.  Woo hoo!

Do you remember THIS POST, the one where I started stripping a “Free to Me” dresser, and thought I would have the whole project completed that day?


This dresser technically qualifies for “trash”. It was left behind years ago in a friend of a friend’s garage after the friend of the friend moved. One drawer had been painted green in an effort to transform it, then was abandoned and chalked up to the fact that it would always look like a “Country Style” dresser. I took the dresser and painted it in white and cream, where it has faithfully served as a dresser in my bedroom for almost 7 years now.

Mark and I are finally, FINALLY giving our bedroom a grown up look. Being one that doesn’t like to throw out furniture. I “REDOUX” it, I wasn’t going to let this piece go without at least trying to give it another life.

I wanted to experiment a little with the finish, rustic, urban, industrial. So here is what I did:

I stripped almost all the paint off, but left some of it in the corners. I wanted the dresser to look like it had been around a long time. See the remnants of the paint in there?

After sanding the entire piece very smooth. I used a 220 grit to get a nice surface, then I always finish with a 320. This is the step that gives your furniture a velvety, smooth feel. I then used Minwax’s Prestain Wood Conditioner:

I love this product. Stain takes perfectly every time now.

This time however, I did something different with the stain. I worked in sections, top, sides, then drawers. When I got to the drawers, I applied the stain, then wiped some of it off with a painters rag, and left some to soak into the wood a little longer. I did this because I wanted an uneven (Old look).

I had a lovely gift card to Anthropology for my birthday, so I added these vintage looking knobs. The dresser was finished, but I was waiting for the last perfect detail. These Vintage Casters I ordered online from Vintage Industrial I love how old they look!

The transformation was complete. When I look at this dresser, I don’t see Country Style anymore. I see “Perfection d’époque”!!

It looks like it could have even been around when you took pictures with camera that used film!

Can you believe THIS

Is now THIS????

I have about 4 things left to “Redoux” in my Master Bedroom. I am challenging myself to see if I can “Redoux” the entire room with existing pieces, or pieces I found for free. So far so good! If you missed my other “Le Junque” Redoux I added to my master, you can read about it HERE

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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I am totally in love with that dresser Karen! Can’t wait to see your bedroom come together. I know it will be fabulous!

  2. says

    That just rocks Karen! I should be organizing too! But there is just too much greatness to be seen. Happy New year to you my friend….I look forward to seeing more of you in 2013.

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