Merry Messy Christmas Eve, and other thoughts from an addled brain…..

REMINDER!!!!  My link Party is open until Wednesday at midnight!!!!!!!!! I had serious technical difficulties getting it up on time.  Please come link up your latest and greatest project.  It is a small party this week, so much better chance of being featured!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I am going to be showing oldies but goodies this week.  I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season and enjoying time with your loved ones.

My kids have two weeks off from school, Mark has a light schedule between now and New Years Day.  This means, HOUSE PROJECTS.  The biggest one of all, the biggest problem of all.  No, not my garage, (although it isn’t lovely), and NO not my side yard, it is almost all clean!

It is my office.  How did this happen?  How did I let it get THIS out of control?  This year will go down in Berg history as the busiest year we have EVER had.  And I hope to NEVER have a schedule like this again.  Almost all good things, but the pace of our lives left me with little time to even organize my thoughts.  I became one of those people who dump stuff because they can’t figure out where else to put it, or don’t have the time, or can’t even get to where it is supposed to be!

I really wouldn’t mind at this point if someone called Hoarders on me. At least they would come and help!

This is not my office, courtesy of Hoarders from Google Image……

After I clear out the mountains of things in here, sort out the craft supplies, the papers, the half-finished projects, we will be taking ALL OF THE FURNITURE OUT!

How did my desk get like this?  How have I even been able to think?????

Desk before

We are ripping up the carpet in here and going industrial.  Our house sits on a concrete slab, and we are going minimalist.  There are tons of great tutorials online on how to pull up the carpet and clean up the concrete underneath. The carpet pulling will be the easiest part.  The cleaning out.  Well, let’s just say I would rather clean a mansion full of dirty bathrooms, with a toothbrush.  This is how much I am dreading this task.

Believe it or not, that white thing pointing up is a chair that is upside down, it is broken, and I have been meaning to fix it.  For four months now……

That other arrow is pointing to another chair that is actually underneath all this Cr**P!!!

Chair area

Mark’s corner is this bookshelf, baseball memorabilia, a Ukele, at least it looks neat!  The arrow pointing down on the right is my feebled attempt at organizers from Walmart that promptly fell apart after about the 2nd time I opened one of the drawers.  The arrow on that garbage bag is a bag full of batting.  WHY????? WHY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will be sure to have plenty of Christmas music playing while I conquer this task to keep up my spirits.

On a more serious note, I want to wish you all a beautiful Christmas.  If you are interested in learning more about the birth of Jesus Christ from a historical perspective, this special was on BYUTV yesterday.  There are several professors of ancient scripture and religion, who have put this fascinating piece together, documenting the birth of Christ, what life was like at this time, and the early years of his family, the culture and the history of the land where He was born.  If you find you are having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit, I recommend this show, just to remind us all that 2,000 years ago a miracle occurred, whether you believe or not, it is a fascinating story and you will not see the Christmas Day the same. It is a 7 part series, but just the 1st episode is fascinating.

Messiah: Behold The Lamb Of God

Messiah: Behold the Lamb of God


Much love to all of you.


PS I will keep you posted on the progress as I share with you my classics!


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  1. says

    Merry Christmas. Since there is a time difference and Santa gets here first, I asked him to deliver one of my shovels to you. I don’t want it to move snow, and you need it.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. says

    Merry Christmas Karen! Keep your mind focused on the end goal of a clean, organized and lovely office! Can’t wait to see after pics. And if I were close enough I would totally be over to help.

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