Rerun Week, “Le Dresser Turned Bookshelf”. You won’t believe your eyes!

Happy after Christmas week.  I hope everyone is enjoying some down time.  A head cold moved into my head yesterday, but other than that, I am enjoying getting to some much needed home DIY projects.
This week I am sharing some of mine (and yours) favorite posts of all time.  This one was a dresser I purchased for about $5 because it was missing the top three drawers.  Not to worry, it has a good life ahead of it.  I can show you how to make something like this into a unique bookshelf.
“Le Dresser turned bookshelf”
I wanted to take out the top drawer supports (the drawers were MIA). Sometimes they “pop” right out, sometimes you have to bring in the big guns.
I laid the dresser flat and brought in my reciprocating saw, cut through the wood where it was attached at the front of the dresser.
Once I cut through the wood, I had to use a Hammer and Chizzle to pop out the rest.
This is what I took out, the guts:
Next, I measured the inside, left side, right side, and bottom, and cut pieces the same dimensions with my table saw. Be sure to mark each piece, so you don’t put it together wrong. (Not that I have ever done this or anything…..)
Since the bottom piece needed to have a curve to match the shape of the dresser, I laid it down on top of a drawer, and traced the shape, then I used a Jig Saw to get the right shape. I clamped the wood to the top of my work table so I wouldn’t have to hold the wood and try to cut. (No one is ever around to help when I do these things….)
If you aren’t comfortable with power tools, a jigsaw is a great place to start, the blades are small, they are easy to control, and you can make any shape you want. Once you get the hang of it, they are very fun.
I then glued one side at a time to the bottom, using Gorilla Wood Glue, my go to glue. Let the glue set, then secured it with wood screws.
Now I have a shelf!
 I “dry fit the piece into the dresser to make sure it fit, then sanded and primed the pieces.
I put the shelf back in the dresser, filled in any blemishes with “Wood Filler”. Measured my trim, and put it down the left and right side of the box, to hide any gaps that would show.
Painted the entire piece with Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black” in semi gloss. Lightly distressed the edges with a 320 grit sand paper and finished with several coats of Minwax “Polycrylic”.
Now we are all ready for new service!

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