Trashy Tuesday, it’s best to bring a friend

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, where we talk Trash, literally!

Did you see the change in the calendar?  Not only is it now December, but that means moving day for my favorite Apartment Dumpster haunts!  The last day of the month (and sometimes the 1st) are the best days to cruise these spots.

Early Saturday I set out (in the pouring rain I might add), with my sidekick Mr. Red.  aka Travis.  Taking a friend along, especially the kind who does not mind getting soaked every time he or she gets out of the car to check a dumpster is highly recommended.  You can cover far more dumpsters, i.e. territory if you have a “checker”.  They are 2nd cousins of the profession “picker”, but “checkers” (not the grocery store kind), have to be willing to open the heavy metal gates that keep me from my trash.  They must be able to quickly scan, make a snap decision if it is worth staying, or move on.  The “Checkers” job is far more important than the driver.   Travis was my checker for the day, and what a good “checking” job he did!

This is what we came up with:

A pretty cool floor lamp, the shade was toast, but it works!  It got a new coat of paint and will be marrying this lampshade for the perfect union at Paris Flea Market this weekend.  Let’s hope they don’t stick around there too long, and decide to move on to their new home…..

Which, by the way, was made with almost 100% recycled parts, more on this soon……

We also scored this footboard and headboard. Well, this is actually the big sister and the big brother of the one we scored. Either several people at this apartment complex shop at Ikea, or someone bought a Queen and a Full, because now we have a matching set!  I got the bigger set last year, in a different dumpster!  Maybe they think if they “dump” at different dumpsters, no one can trace the matching furniture back to them.  Like the time I found 6 dining chairs in three different dumpsters……..

I made it into a bench with some of the garage door panels, but it isn’t ready for it’s close up just yet.

If you missed it, I did use most of them to make this Garage Panel Outdoor Wall for my Side Yard, if you want to dream of warm weather and imagine yourself sitting out there, you can read about it HERE.

I know it is December, and we are all crazy with our schedules, but don’t forget to take a moment, slow down, and check the dumpster.  You never know what “gifts” it may have for you.


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  1. Tess says

    Hello Lady! I’m just catching up on all the wonderful posts (New full time is great but very time consuming)! Lovin the new trash. Happy Holidays from Wisconsin!

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