Trashy Tuesday, what lurks behind the dumpster

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally!!

Do you Dumpster Dive?  Do you sometimes come upon a Dumpster and wonder what is lurking behind it?  This is what I found lurking this week:

Do you come across lots of stuff you are not quite sure what to do with?  You are about to take a picture while you are contemplating le junque, and you realize, with horror, the camera phone is aimed at YOU!


We interrupt this Trashy Tuesday to bring an update an old story:

Even though I have been “tres” busy with working, I still managed to find some time to look for trash!  I mentioned a few weeks ago, two of my friends from Paris Flea came out for a day of painting, but we ended up Dumpster Diving instead!

We of course, started the day with my favorite dumpster.  There was a ton of really good scrap wood in there, so this called for an actual dive on my part.

I went in when no one else would, but Lonae stood for a photo op!

Sometimes you have to get some “muscle” to pull stuff out.  I am not afraid to dig a little for some good stuff!  I may have old clothes on, but you can still Dumpster Dive and be stylish!

I could be my own before and after!!



Amazing how diving into a dumpster can bring out your true beauty!

If you remember, I got a call that day while my friends were here that someone had unceremoniously dumped a dresser in her road!  Of course I ditched my friends for the dresser!  You can read about how I “fell off the Garbage Truck” HERE.  It is all transformed and I will be sharing it tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek…….

Back to my original post:  I was tired this morning from le fab weekend at Paris Flea, but I still had the dumpster dive need.  Here is what I threw back……Truly, I thought long and hard what I could do with a box of someone’s greatest hits from the 80’s, on CASSETTE TAPE!  And the screen door, oh well…


Here is what I kept.  This fun little table that folds up for a child’s makeup table and this funky frame.

I also found that I DO NOT look too good at 7 a.m. dumpster diving with the camera aimed at me.  No wonder things go to hide behind the dumpsters when they see me coming!

Hope your week is full of JUNQUE!  And I only mean the good kind.




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  1. says

    I need to dive with you….Its snowing here now and I swear people stop throwing stuff away when it snows…I am not afraid to get dirty or SNOWY…come on people!!
    Glad you got some goodies, you gorgeous girl!~

  2. Hetty says

    That is so funny, Karen, cannot believe you jump in the dumpster!! Cannot wait for you to do something with that little vanity table..

  3. Mamashoe says

    Love your Dumpster Diving Deals !!! I love to dumpster dive & roadside pickup. You should have taken the screen door, turned sideways would make a funky headboard with a fun fabric nailed behind the grids! HDD!!


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