Don’t drop your drawers…into the trash that is, Redoux them!

Don’t drop your drawers….into the trash that is, Redoux them! If you are like me, you may have a slight problem with throwing out things that you “think” you will use again in some future project.  For many of you, it might be craft items.  For moi, it is always the same story.  Drawers.  I LOVE drawers.  There are endless things you can do with old drawers.  Here is one of my favorite projects.  This project has been used again and again by me at Paris Flea Market and they are almost always big sellers. Drawer 3 Start with any old drawer.  The smaller the better.  These are courtesy of Google Images.


If it has a big front lip, cut the lip down, or just add little wood knobs for legs, so the drawer will sit evenly on a surface. I left these as is.  The drawers came from a junque find.  I don’t even think the rest of it survived, just the drawers.  I painted them first in CeCe Caldwell’s Traverse City Cherry, then went over with Santa Fe Turqouise. The front of them was pretty rough, but I left them this way because it picks up the paint and adds to the rustic character.Drawer holders 1 I added these little glass knobs I purchased on clearance at Cost Plus.  They have really great Anthropology type knobs for cheap if you haven’t been there recently. Drawer 2 Now the drawer needs something in it!  I usually fill them with small or tall Mason Jars, depending on the size, and tie a string of Rafia around each jar.  Could this be any easier?  What a great way to display flowers, use as a silverware caddie, or even drinking glasses! Drawer 4 redouxinteriorsThe possibilities could go on and on, but I am shutting the “drawer” on this post now.  (yuk yuk) signature Sharing my junque at these respectable establishments: Drawer with Banner DIY Show Off

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  1. What a great way to repurpose old drawers.. I never seem to have any drawers to repurpose, but when I do I now know what to do!

  2. HOW STINKING CUTE!!!! i love them! love the color!

  3. Kristie Cortes says:

    Fabulous job.Love the color. I had an old dresser that the drawers stuck and it was too much work to fix, my husband of course wanted to junk the dresser but I had other ideas. I added hanging tabs on the back of each of the drawer fronts so they can be used as coat hangers . We sold them at the flea market last month . We are now going to re purpose the dresser into shelves. One less piece of furniture in the land fill.

  4. I totally get your way of thinking! Keep it up, you inspire me!

  5. Drawers are one of my weaknesses. I have at least a half-dozen in the backyard waiting for warmer weather so I can work on them. There are another half-dozen (or more) in the house nearly ready for prime time.
    Sewing machine drawers (from old treadle machines) are the perfect size for paperbacks. Not usually a display item, but I have a couple of collections from favorite authors in these drawers on display.
    I have some on the wall as shelves for display, and they are great shadow boxes.
    You can also use them for storage… the right size will slide under a bed.
    And they make the cutest pet beds.
    I need to get more of these out of the house because very shortly spring cleaning and remodeling will begin and abandoned drawers will start showing up on curb sides around town. I need to make room to take them in.

  6. Love them Karen!

  7. Aren’t you clever. Yuk yuk.


  8. Cute!! Cute!! Love the colors!

  9. Those drawers are so cute! Great idea. I’ve been going through my fabric – again. And ribbon. Time to get this mess under control!!!

  10. Ooo! I like these, great color!

  11. Such a beautiful idea! I love the color you painted them. :)

  12. Those are super Karen. I do the same thing, I just might use it sometime:)

  13. These are amazing and you used my favorite color! Beautiful.

  14. These are great Karen!

  15. Great idea! I’ll be on the look out for old drawers now!

  16. I like your junk :o)
    Love this idea – need to find some drawers!
    Thanks for sharing – have a blessed week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  17. Featuring you today!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  18. So much talent in one human being! They look fantastic! :)

  19. Wish I’d read this about 5 years ago when we disposed of a wreck of an old desk that we’d been using in the garage. The drawers were just the right size and shape to have been turned into something wonderful like yours. Oh well … next time …

  20. Hello! I just found your website! FUN! and FUNNY! My son’s dresser just took it’s last breath, as the 2nd drawer fell out. Not gonna try and fix it, gonna re-purpose those drawers use the dresser in my office perhaps. Thank you for the ideas! :-) Off to inspect my possibilities!

  21. Hey girl. Still loving this color combo…so much that I hilighted it as one of my inspiration pieces today on Curb Alert! If you have any other blue projects that you have worked on I would love for you to link them up as well to get the link party kicked off.
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  22. These are way to cute! I love the color, and the way they are distressed. . I like your idea for using as a silverware caddie. Cute idea. Thank you for sharing. Pinning and sharing.


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