Happy 2013! Blogueur d’invité, Anne Skougard from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints!!

Happy 2013!!  I am very excited to be looking at a New Year, new projects, new opportunities, and new resolutions!  One thing I am resolving to do (and started in earnest in 2012) is to be more environmentally minded.  I do try to make my little contributions where I can, (hello, dumpster diving?).  I am trying to be more aware of the products I use, bring into my home, and how recyclable they are.

This is where my most favorite paint and company comes to into play.  If you have been around here, then you know how much I ADORE CeCe Caldwell’s 100% natural paints.  I can paint anywhere in my home, because it is 100% natural, made with chalk and two kinds of clay.  This company is barely 1 year old!  I had the very good luck of seeing someone’s post on this paint in early 2012.  I was so intrigued, I emailed this blogger and she couldn’t say enough about the paint.  I felt compelled to know more.  I went to CeCe Caldwell’s website and contacted the Western Distributor, Anne Skougard.  This is where life really became exciting.  I was sold after a 1/2 hour on the phone with Anne and I knew I wanted to be a part of this company.  Anne was schedule to teach a workshop in Sonoma, CA in February (not far from where I live), so I rounded up my Paris Flea Market ladies and we went off for an adventure.

Anne showing the class this new amazing paint. Look at all those beautiful colors, and Anne’s enthusiasm is infectious.  How can you resist?

Anne at Sonoma

After a day of using these paints, Susan Goodman, the owner of PFM was smitten and she signed on to sell CeCe Caldwell’s paints not only in Paris Flea Market, our sister store, Room with a Past, but at retailers throughout the Bay Area as well.  This was a BRAND NEW COMPANY!

Within one year, CeCe Caldwell’s out grew their original factory in North Carolina and headed West.  They are growing by leaps and bounds as this paint literally flies off the shelf.  This is where my dear friend Anne’s story comes in.

Anne teaching 2

Here is Anne’s story:

Me:  How did you end up this creative business?  Have you always been a creative soul, or is this something you came to later?

Anne:  I have always been a creative person.  My Grandmother put up wallpaper to support her family during WW2.  Every year in my family, we would “Spring Clean”. My mother let me change the color of the paint of my room every year, but I was only allowed to change the wall paper every 4 years.  My parents showed me how to paint, and I actually did the work, starting at age 7!  They put the paint brush in my hand, showed me how, and I did it!  I had Fabien and Elvis Presley posters on my painted walls, and gorgeous wall paper on the 3rd and 4th walls.

I have always loved color, I see color everywhere.  It is a gift.  My grandmother had it.  My daughter has it too.   I have two grand daughters that have this gift as well.   They will even make comments about wall color in public places!  I have worked on a lot of medical offices to make them look better.  Color can greatly affect someone’s mood and how they feel.

Color certainly puts you in a good mood!  You can even eat this paint, (if you really want to), it is that safe!

Anne with friends

Me: You spent many years with 17 years that working at  Boeing, in something totally different, what did you do?

Anne:  I was the  liaison between management and non-management and Boeing’s subcontractors, resolving conflicts in the finance arena.  I was also responsible for the 1600 people in Boeing’s finance department for motivation and recognition.

Me: I would say that is a very different form of a creative talent!  How did you then come into the paint world?

Anne: I had a minor in Design from college.  When I left Boeing, I opened a Design Studio in Widbey Island (Seattle area).  I specialized in recreational homes.   I had this shop for three years.

Beautiful Widby Island, Washington (photo courtesy of Google Images)


A client asked me to do home in Arizona.  This worked out so well I stayed for 15 years!  One day the faux finisher didn’t show up and I just jumped in!   My life took another exciting turn, I got married and moved to California.  I loved decorating homes and the fact that I got into decorative painting was such a wonderful fluke! I then got involved with Caramel colors.  Caramel colors led me to go to a book signing by Annette Tatum,  who writes a blog, and has a book titled, “The Well Dressed Home”.  Annette asked if I could paint something like she had seen in a magazine, and I realized it was something like a chalk paint.  ASCP had just hit the U.S..  I called them early on and became a Stockist.  New opportunities in paint bring new directions .  When CeCe Caldwell’s was being developed, I started in and helped build up the company.  It is a paint I truly believed in, something brand new to the paint world.  100% GREEN PAINT.

(Photo courtesy of Chantelle Deimling, Distributor, Bungalow 47 blog and store in Michigan)


 Me: This is about where you and I meet!  What attracted you to this company and their new line of paint?

Anne:  1st, it really is Paint Made Easy.  When you use this paint, time yourself and how long it takes to paint.  I did a gorgeous large Armoire recently.  It only took me about a half hour.


armoire before

About 1/2 hour later!

Armoire after

I love that CeCe Caldwell’s paints and products are all eco friendly and 100% natural.

I really do not like to sand, I love that you can skip this step and just start painting.  I love that I don’t have to sand to distress it or finish it.  I keep a wet rag handy always while I am painting, it is so easy to distress!  And once this paint has cured, it is extremely hard and durable.  I love the “take off” technique.

Take on Take off

Me:  What do you love about the CeCe Caldwell’s company itself?

Anne: From a company standpoint, they are over the top supportive to their customers.  They truly believe in providing an excellent product.  Our Distributors get more involved with all of our retailers than any other company.  We all believe in this company.  We believe in helping improve other’s their lives and we are all very passionate about the product and the people who make up this company.

A retailer get together at Anne’s, some of the awesome Western Retailers “Playing with Paint”

Wester Retailers

Me:  Did you ever imagine in one year, this paint company would have grown as much as it has?

Anne:  I am absolutely amazed at how much has changed and how big we have grown in just one year.   This company believes in not only providing excellent products, but we listen to what our customers are saying.  We truly want to always  be improving.

Me:  I have felt so grateful to be a part of this and watch the growth. One of my most favorite experiences of 2012 was the CeCe Caldwell’s fundraiser I attended in Spokane Washington for Project Hope.  This is something I love about this CeCe Caldwell’s, the fundraisers they do .

Creating at Project Hope

Everybody at workshop 2

At Spokane Fundraiser, hosted at Orphaned Decor.  You can’t help but have fun!

the whole gang

Anne:  We all truly believe in giving back to our communities.  We encourage our retailers to hold fundraisers, have a class and teach techniques using our products, and give back to your community as you all learn together.

Me:  I know we have a fundraiser coming up next May at Paris Flea Market.  I can’t wait, and you will be teaching too!

Me: I ask this of everyone I have interviewed with CeCe Caldwell’s, and I love that everyone’s answers are different.  What are your favorite colors?

Anne:  I love Smoky Mountain, (this color seems to be a favorite of many!).  I love Maine Harbor Blue.  Love Carolina Sun.  LOVE Cinco Bayou Moss.  So many different uses for this color.   I love mixing colors, one of my favorites is mixing  Young Kansas Wheat with Maine Harbor Blue.

(Photo courtesy of Bungalow 47, cabinet in Smoky Mountain)


Me: What are some of your favorite pieces you have seen painted that was done in an advanced workshop, is a great example

Beautiful table before…..


Wow!  After with Vermont Slate (one of my favorites)

Table 2

Anne: I Love painting chairs, so many different ideas!   I love the entire creative process, I love figuring out what a piece of furniture is saying , what colors, techniques will transform it.

Gorgeous Moulding.


Me:  What else would like to add?

Anne:  I would like give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the CeCe Caldwell’s people.  It has been a very exciting year, and everyone involved has turned this company into the huge success it has become.

(and we have fun while we work!)


Me:  Thanks so much for stopping by Anne!  I am really excited for 2013, and all the projects I will be doing using my CeCe Caldwell’s products.

Thank you to everyone who stops by here and has supported Redoux Interiors over this past year, (and the years prior).  2012 was a rocket year in so many ways.  I am so grateful CeCe Caldwell’s products came into my life.

May all of you have a very happy beginning to 2013.




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  1. Fran says

    Great interview Karen. Please keep up the great work in the New Year. I haven’t tried this paint yet, but I am definitely going to, its going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions. Thanks for all you do to keep us inspired.

  2. says

    What an awesome interview! Anne is so talented isn’t she! Talented and cool 😀 I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people within the CeCe family! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!

  3. says

    I loved having Anne, CeCe and yourself at my shop in Spokane for the fund raiser. It is so nice to among talented women that support each other. …a little crazy too but so much love and fun.

  4. mitsy says

    what I don’t understand is why after Anne and Donna copied everything about a different paint company, including the entire marketing strategy, as well as being stockists for a different paint company- before Donna was kicked out, that people are so willing to accept a copycat.

    Is it ok that these two ladies worked for a different paint company- before starting their own with a similar model? Copy cats are ok?

    I don’t understand. If I worked my butt off to start my own paint company, only to have somebody completely copy every tiny aspect of it, I would be angry.

    I wonder how Anne and Donna will feel when somebody copies their concept- which of course is a copy of somebody else’s concept.

    I guess America has become a country where it is ok to steal an idea and profit from it- meanwhile getting praised for it.

    quite sad.

    • Melissa says

      America is a great country. Competition is healthy. I like both however I appreciate the no VO2 that CeCe’s products have. I can paint and wax around my children and not worry about the smell or harmful odor. Although both products are similar and follow similar business model I would not say that it was stolen. Their are lots of similar companies out there with similar products and business plans: Lia Sophia and Silpada, Verizon and infinity (Comcast) lowes and Home Depot Safeway and Harris teeter. I think you get the point. We all must chose a company to patron. We are not going to bad mouth the other. My mom taught me something when I was young. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    • Lisa says

      Misty –

      I take offense to your comment “I guess America has become a country where it is ok to steal an idea and profit from it- meanwhile getting praised for it.”

      I don’t know you or where you’re from however, I refuse to jump to the conclusion that just because you failed to learn the basic rules of expressing your opinions with class and dignity, that our entire country suffers from this same inadequacy.

      Not only have you indicated that you are lacking as an individual, but you have tried to take the rest of us with you. Not happening here! If you have nothing nice to say, or in the very least, can’t xpress your opinions nicely, then just don’t say anything at all!

    • Kim Biden says

      So sorry Ditzy – I mean Mitsy … You must be getting off on this – why else would you continue to post the same old story time and time again. This is an old story – everyone has moved on, and seriously CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and Annie Sloan’s paints are not similar as you point out – you know the differences as it has been pointed out to you many, many times. So your comparisons are really moot – its old, get over it, and go somewhere else.

  5. Yevon says

    My understanding is that CeCe Caldwell”s paints are 100% natural and environmentally friendly . I also believe it’s called free enterprise. Besides that, it’s made in the good old USA not Canada..

  6. says

    Misty, really?

    What does this “other paint company” have against free enterprise and competition? I mean, give me
    strength! It’s time to give it up, grow up and put on our big girl pants. It’s not your place to judge, my place or any one else’s. I was with the “other” paint company and think that their product is strong but just couldn’t work with the business model. I found a better fit for me, moved on and didn’t whine. Anne, is a remarkable and talented person and has every right to form whatever company she choses. Can you guys move on and get a life? And, maybe even support one another? What a novel idea, because, it’s really getting old.
    You can’t ever win through criticism.

  7. Laura B says

    Competition is good, it keeps you on your toes. I don’t get why everyone can’t just be grown up and get along.

  8. Lisa says

    It’s not where you take things from its where you take them to.
    Inspiration is the root to many creative and successful

  9. Debi says

    Seriously, Misty? Giving it another go are you? One might think you would be aware by now that this blog is not a real good place to attack Anne, Donna, or CeCe Caldwell paints. I find it curious that you have nothing better to do but to stalk all things CeCe? Well, unless perhaps that is a mission you have accepted? Sadly, once again you will have to report back to your handlers that it didn’t go real well. Dang, Dude, this just isn’t your day!

  10. Ol' DW says

    Well I’ll be dog-gone if ol’ Suffering Husband may not be on-tuh somethin’ here. It is a might confusin’ as tuh just who you really might be? Vicki, Mitsy, Misty? By golly girl you done got everone so confused. Why, poor Donna McCrummen’s thinkin you might only be in the 3rd grade or somethin’. Well I guess it don’t really matter much now since it seems you went ‘n bad mouthed America ‘n all. Might work out some better fer ya to bring yer manners next time ya come huntin’ at Miss Karen’s paint bloggin party. Just sayin ya’all.

  11. Tammy says

    Shame on you Misty if that is even your real name! If you are so unhappy that you have to follow someone else to bad mouth them then maybe you should follow a blog that is about the product you care so much about and talk them up instead of trying to bring someone else down. I wish you the best and hope you much happiness.

  12. says

    Dear, Misty,
    my name is Debi Beard,
    the author of this blog is Karen Berg,
    and every other person who has replied to you false accusations has a name, and a business that is public. You are the only person that is anonymous… why?
    perhaps it is because you are not telling the truth, and you don’t want your real name or your entire name revealed.
    you are a bully throwing stones while hiding behind a rock, If you really believe what you say then stop hiding, lying and attempting to stir up negative immature drama.
    Happy New year,
    Deborah Jean Beard

  13. says

    Facts on bullying:

    Imbalance of power. Typically those who engage in bully-like behaviors use their strength, popularity or power to harm, control or manipulate others.
    Intent to cause harm. A bully is a person who does not do things by accident. The bully intends to physically or emotionally injure a person or group of persons.
    Repetition. Typically incidents of bullying are not a one-time thing. Bullies target the same person or group over and over again.

    hmmmm……just sayin’

  14. says

    To everyone,
    Hopefully people will read this and be able to figure out where this Misty girl is coming from. Negative posts from anonymous people should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully the American consumer will be able to see that we at CeCe Caldwell would never stoop to this persons level.

  15. says

    Give me ( us ) strength! We can start a “where’s Mist ” like the “where’s Waldo” books? We can take pictures at IDAL conferences and put together a “where’s Misty” fb page?

  16. Kim Biden says

    So sorry Ditzy – I mean Mitsy … You must be getting off on this – why else would you continue to post the same old story time and time again. This is an old story – everyone has moved on, and seriously CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and Annie Sloan’s paints are not similar as you point out – you know the differences as it has been pointed out to you many, many times. So your comparisons are really moot – its old, get over it, and go somewhere else.

  17. Denise Griffith - Feather Your Nest says

    Great blog post! Will be posting link to my own FB page. I too looked into carrying the ASCP paint line after using it myself, and then found a better product in CeCE Caldwell – IN MY OPINION and that’s what counts when choosing a company to promote and stand behind. It’s ALL NATURAL and that is what puts it over the top for me and makes it different from ALL other chalk paints. I also carry Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints for the same reasons. Great founder, great distributor company to work with. I will never understand other people that feel the need to attack someone’s decision. If you love ASCP then stick with it and do your thing. Or look into other options and pick what is best for you. Every product will have someone that will look at it and take it one step better to improve it in their mind and offer it to like-minded peopleto choose from.

  18. Carla Lindblom says

    I have nothing to do with either paint company, except I have used their products and met great people who retail both. It is so sad when people like to be negative and feel they have to make their comments, when others are successful. My husband and I have been in several companies we started ourselves, and employees have broken off or gone out on their own for whatever reasons. There is room for everyone to choose how or what they want to do in making a living. That is what is so great about the USA. Oportunity to grow in whatever direction you dream and are willing to work hard to achieve. I love having all the choices in the products I use and the imaginations of others. It is so awesome when others share their talents and new things are always coming to us the consumers.

  19. Chelle says

    What a great informational blog. I had come across this post a while back and it prompted me to try out the paint. I have contacted the company several times over the last few months about becoming a retailer. I am hoping to hear back from them at some point. It sounds like a great opportunity that may up may be right my alley.

  20. Heidi says

    Great blog! I love to paint things too! It’s hard not dragging things home that others toss out…I can envision them all dolled up after a great paint job! This non toxic paint sounds like a winner!

    (fyi: It’s Whidbey Island…not Wigby or Widby :)


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