Smokin Hot, Smoky Mountain Grey and Blues

Happy Monday.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, and our first official weekend of 2013.  My weekend was busy.  We had Paris Flea this weekend, and it was a wonderful steady stream of customers.  This dresser sold right away!  And the best part?  It only took me 10 minutes to paint this.  I kid you not!

10 minute dresser

I worked so hard in December to “overproduce” enough furniture and stock for my space so I wouldn’t have to work too much over the holidays for the January sale.  Turns out, the first night at Paris Flea was very successful for me, with several pieces walking out the door that night!  What to do when you need to paint something fast, and you don’t want it to look like a “rush” job.  Turn to your CeCe Caldwell’s paint of course!

CeCe Caldwell's paint cans

I am trying to expand my color horizons each month.  Lately I have been using the blue’s and greys.  Smoky Mountain Grey seems to be a favorite color and seller for many CeCe fans.  I decided to dedicate an entire dresser to this beautiful, subdued color.  I had the perfect candidate too.  I bought this dresser from Emma’s neighbor who had a garage of “grandma’s furniture” that they just wanted gone.  I am really good at taking these sorts of things off people’s hands.

SM before

Lucky for me, this dresser was gorgeous to start with.  It just needed a little TLC on the top where the original finish had begun coming off.  I cleaned the entire piece well with TSP to remove all dirt and dust.  Next, I simply poured some Smoky Mountain into an old container, threw in a couple teaspoons of water, (I like to thin my paints so I can have more control over what wood is showing), and a few brush strokes later, the dresser was finished.

sm 2

After it dried, I sealed it with CeCe’s Clear wax, and rubbed some into my dried out hands while I was at it.  This stuff is like healing balm, and since it is 100% natural, I don’t have to worry about chemicals and vapors.

SM 1

I only had time for some quick shots before she traveled down to Paris Flea.  I must say, I am smitten with this color, and will definitely be searching my “stash” to see what else I can paint with Smoky Mountain!


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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    That is a pretty color! And I’m so happy for your success selling your beautiful pieces. You rock girl!

  2. says

    Karen, love the color. Happy to hear you had a successful weekend. I’ve always wanted to rent a space and sell furniture, etc. I don’t think I have your energy level though. Keep up the good work.
    Jeannie of
    The French Hen’s Nest

  3. says

    thats why my bottom cupboards are smokey mountain..I just love it sooooo much!! I am on my second can of it..:) If that says anything..:)
    Its gorgeous!! I need to find more stuff like you…:)

  4. says

    This is gorgeous!!! I am looking for a french provincial piece to do and think I have found one. I an now looking for the post of the dresser in your daughter;s room (I had it this morning) to ask what your favorite paint pen was and now I can’t find it. I saw this one and love it giving me an idea for an old dresser I already have. I tried two different paint pens to add highlights to a couple of pieces I have already painted, one worked well but was nearly dry the other a little hard to work with (this was Pen Touch fine). The one that worked got a “smooshed” tip so I am off to find something that will work in metallic colors. If you have recommendations I would love it. I did the furniture I had in black and used antique gold rub n buff on the hardware which looks gorgeous. I have had the detailing work in my head but now after seeing your gorgeous pieces it is time to finish! Thanks.

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