Trashy Tuesday, I am feeling Dumpy!

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally.

I am feeling Dumpy today, and I mean that in the most positive of  descriptions.  Not because I may have over indulged in See’s candies, home made goodies, lots of party food and didn’t see too much of the gym the last few weeks……..Non!  I am feeling Dumpy because I scored at the dumpsters yesterday.  Things were a little scarce over the holidays, and I was wondering if my trashy ways were coming to an end.

Santa was very good to me on Christmas, but not so good in the junque department.  Maybe Santa’s junque treasures arrive in January?

Santa in a dumpster

Today, everyone must have saved up and waited for moi to get rid of their treasures.  A quick drive around this morning on my usual route.  I scored this chair sitting on top of a dumpster.  It is a little old, and (a little grungy), but the frame is solid.  Can’t wait to makeover this one for the Spring.

Wicker chair

I also found this rectangular folding table at one of my Apartment stops.  You may think this an odd thing to take home, but I have been thinking of purchasing something almost the same size for teaching. Did you know we offer classes at Paris Flea Market? I need my own “little table” when I am playing with CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  How fun that I just happened to “find” one!

Folding table

And last, but certainly not least……I was picking up some paint at my local Sherwin Williams for my Office Remodel.  This is about where I am now with this room, 1st coat of paint…..

Office in progress paint

And sneak peek on the floor.  Yes, that is concrete.


I decided to drive behind the row of stores after I purchased my paint.  You won’t believe what I spied.  Ce que le ? ? This!


I guess the pile of card board behind Rite Aid seemed like as good of place as any to dump your old suitcase. (And!  It doesn’t smell inside)

Suitcase open

I will have plenty of ideas, Kim at Too Much Time had some great ideas at Main Ingredient Monday today.  I especially liked this idea:

Suitcase planter

Happy Junque New Year friends!



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  1. says

    Love the color of the suitcase!
    Susan, you have such a great idea:)

    Yesterday, I was watching Antiques Roadshow, someone picked up a violin from dumpster and turned out it was worth $50,000!!!
    That made me kind of want to do dumpster diving! lol

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