Trashy Tuesday, Le Junque Report

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally!

How was your week, full or trash?  Did you just feel like you couldn’t take any more garbage?  I did!  But in the best way.  Believe it or not, I DID get my car into my garage for about three days, before it filled up again with some amazing finds.

Here is my round up:

Let’s start with what I didn’t pick up……Suffering husband was happy I passed this by. No resale value here. Really, someone  else’s easy chair.  Even I have my standards.  Le Yuk!

Easy Chair

You may be wondering what these are. I am too.  On Saturday I was playing a little Tennis with my kids at our local High School.  Of course I had to walk behind the courts on the way back to the car, the dumpsters were here!  I found these things laying in the ground.  They had some kind of puffy thing in them that I skillfully removed with my foot (they were pretty dirty).  I had the idea they would make cool shelves.  Just stick some salvaged wood through there.  I instantly have some shelves!

Rusty stuff

How often do you find a dresser with all it’s parts intact.  Mainly, the drawers.  I found the dresser, AND it’s drawers at an Apartment Dumpster Dive (one drawer was camera shy)


Just when I was ready to give up looking Saturday morning, (it was a quick trip, only two dumpsters).  I had the feeling to cruise past a parking lot to check one more dumpster.  As I was pulling out, I noticed the side of the building, the gate was open and something caught my eye.  Of course I had to go investigate…..down a path, I first found this chair laying on a pallet.Chair

I ventured down the path and followed the trail of rubbish, and came upon the rest of it’s sad family.  One member didn’t make it.  It had succumbed to the elements:


Now I just have to find some time to give all this trash a good Redoux.  Hope your week is full of junque of the best kind.


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  1. says

    Love your junque! And those “metal thingy’s” have so much potential. Looks kind of like an aquarium base…?

    Flat on the ground with a piece a glass & you’ve got a coffee table… or make the shelves and then use them as the base of a desk with a wood or glass top.
    Put the shelves side-by-side add a top and it’s a great looking console or sofa table. I have some 12″ wide weathered fence boards that would look great on top of something like that.

    So much fun!

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