Hey Girl, My Valentine to Suffering Husband

Have you seen the adorably hilarious link party going on at Bliss Ranch? It is a link party for all of us blogger girls to post about what our significant others really want to say.

UPDATE!!!  Bliss has share some of the “Honeys” of the many “Hey Girl” posts that were linked, and guess what Suffering Husband made the cut!!!  You must click HERE to see the rest.  Priceless.

Suffering husband, AKA ” Mark” is the love of my life.  He is supportive in every way of my blog, and faithfully reads each and every post.  Here is what he would love to say (if I were the one making the words come out of his mouth).

Mesa Grill


mark in thought

Dinner Group at Toelkes 2

Rock City


Mark dancing

Giants Hawaii

Mark at Gold Bug Mine

Mark and Karen La Jolla-001signature

Linking up my Hey Girl at BLISS RANCH.  Click on link below, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. So funny!

  2. Love it — esp the one about him listening to you talk about all your bloggy friends. :)
    xo Heidi

  3. Funny Girl! kl

  4. What a riot! LOVED IT!! You totally cracked me up this morning!!

  5. DYING!!!!! these were so awesome! you crack me up!

  6. Most excellent! I mean come on, I can so picture him getting that mani and can certainly relate to a husband who asks to talk about my computer friends. Uh huh, yeah.


  7. So so funny!!!! You made my day with this post. You guys are adorable together. Loved this.

  8. Hysterical! You’re great!

  9. If only! But if our hubs spoke like that, I think we’d run screaming!

    Love the mani/pedi, Downton Abbey and of course never meeting your blog friends!!!!!

  10. OMG. I laughed out loud at the mani-pedi one, and I definitely make my husband listen to me talk about my blog friends! Poor guy! :) Thanks so much for linking these up!

  11. You’re too funny!! Wish I had a hunk to do these about! I should use my 14 month old grandson, he’s a real cutie!!

  12. Suffering Husband says:

    GTC is as funny, talented and beautiful as she appears, she has a very big heart. You blogartists
    mean a lot to her. Keep on reading! As for me, I know more about pigments, viscosity, color schemes and dumpster diving than I ever would have thought though my enduring love ends at the spa door.

  13. You are just too cute. Enjoyed your post.

  14. Lol Awesome!!

  15. :) LOVED the one about talking about all your blog friends he will never meet!!!! LOL! He looks like a great guy – glad you have him :)

  16. OMG this is so funny! Tears running down my cheeks, Great to have a supportive husband who also enjoys a good laugh!

  17. Hey Girl! I love it…I am laughing my butt off!! I love it!!!!

  18. Haha! These were sooo funny! Especially loved the Downton Abbey one. Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. I think they call this porn for women. And you add at the end “said no man ever”. Loved it . You are too funny.

  20. Okay- this is seriously the funniest thing EVER! Totally made my day!! Friggen hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing, chick!

  21. I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!! Happy Valentines Day!

  22. june lovell says:

    very cute and you look and sound like a great couple. enjoy.

  23. NO MANicures around here, but Daniel is an even bigger Downton fan than me! We started season two last night. Such a soap opera- but a well written beautiful one for sure.

  24. So, I thought the outfit post was good…but the blogger friends got me. Too funny. Thanks for joining the meme madness!

  25. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I love it! You two are adorable together! … And so true, my hubby hears about my blogging friends all the time!

  26. Taylor @DearOlympia.com says:

    These had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I send the link to my hubby – I know he can relate!

  27. Ha, I love ‘em. The thrift store one is my favorite. That is so my husband and something he would definitely say either to make me happy or in honesty to make me laugh. I torture the poor guy with a day of thrift store shopping but I am so blessed that he puts up with me.

  28. Sandi Reagan says:

    I think you could expand your ventures by taking this show on the road. LOL I see you up on this huge stage teaching everyone how to climb in and out of dumpsters without waking the sleeping man inside, and actually redoing furniture in between your wonderful sense of humor! LOL What cha think?
    Need an agent? Your a delight and seriously love your blog!


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