Paris Flea, Le Office and a little Moi

S’il vous plaît Pardonner moi…..if you are coming here today to check out my “free to me” dresser done in an industrial look…….I will be sharing next week.  I was at Paris Flea last night setting up until my eyes were slits.  I was home and in bed by 11 p.m.  To me, that is the middle of the night.   It was all worth it, I have switched spots again.  This time downsizing just a tad.  The big center warehouse was selling too well! I couldn’t paint well enough with all my toes and fingers to keep up with the demand.  Here is an Iphone shot of my space.

Paris Feb


It is still a mess, but a somewhat organized mess.  I still haven’t had that elusive block of time to get it sorted out.  However, it is far better than before.  I actually was able to find a few things, even my sewing machine.  I didn’t blame my children for hiding things from me.  Well maybe once or twice.

I have a new work surface in my office, which allows the luxury of having 10 minute uninterrupted blocks of work time.  After  10 or 15 minutes, someone will inevitably need to say “mom”, two or three times, with no particular rhyme or reason.   Just to make sure I didn’t use my Star Trek transporter to transport me to a  place where no one is allowed to interrupt you.

I think the transporter enlarged my head a bit.

Star Trek transporter with me 2

Here are I am working peacefully, on my NEW work surface.  Try to notice the new look around me, not the piles.


10 minutes later, “Mom, mom, mom?


If you are looking for some fun shopping over the next weekend, please come visit us at Paris Flea Market in Livermore, CA.  We are open tonight from 6-9, Friday and Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 10-4.  I will be there tomorrow, via my transporter from 12:30 – 4.

Don’t forget to come back at 2:00 today for my the Link Party and fab pictures!


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  1. says

    love it…Oh how I wish I was shopping in Cali than sitting in a snow storm in does make me more productive on the smaller projects though..since no one wants to go outside..LOL
    Love it..

  2. says

    Redoux is my favorite email that I receive in my inbox, I look for it every day. You are so inspiring, and if I am ever in California, I’ll be sure to look you up at the Paris Flea Market. I’m so glad that you posted a picture of your store front, I’ve been meaning ot ask if you would be so kind as to send us a pic. For those of us that live as far away as Texas, this may be teh only chance we have to view your “store”. Thanks for updates.

  3. Sandi Reagan says

    I follow a lot of bloggers but you my dear are the one I call “My fun blogger, she’s so darn cute and a little nutty too!” Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing so much of YOU with us too!
    Central IL

  4. says

    You are a scream. I love your posts…I always have a good laugh at all your antics! Good luck at Paris Flea. Looking forward to your linky party!:)

    “Mom, mom, mom” the joy of Motherhood!


  5. says

    Being overrun with demand is a great problem to have!! Longing to shop your space or soak up some furniture painting inspiration… or both. :) Wish I could transport myself out for the day!
    Good luck!
    xo Heidi


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