Trashy Tuesday, You Will Need to Sit Down for This Post

Happy Trashy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a Junqualicious week.  Do you know there is a law of the Universe that relates directly to my garage?  Just three short weeks ago I had cleaned out my garage.  So clean in fact, that for three days, I almost was able to shut the door, with my van inside!!!!

You know what that means don’t you?  It means people will begin giving you stuff.  You will suddenly find a TON of stuff in dumpsters.  It only took about a week, but I can barely move again.  Oy Vey!  or should I say Sacré bleu!  Regardless, I need to clear it out.

This week had a definite theme.  In one short stop, I was able to get, not one, but four chairs, all the same, and two sets of matching mid-century chairs.  Plus, a small filing cabinet thrown in for good measure.

I decided to push my luck and head out again last Saturday.  I even recruited my favorite family junquer.  Mr. Red. (aka son Travis)

Travis ON JUNK

I was really excited about these chairs.  They are in almost perfect condition.  I already started on them, removed the pads, that only need to be recovered…

Black chairs JUNK

Painted them today in CeCe Caldwell’s Seattle Mist, then I am going over them again with Martha Stewart’s Gunmetal Metallic paint. This chair from Pottery Barn is my inspiration, I like my price a lot better. Free.

Wyatt PB chair in Pewter

Then, in the SAME dumpster cage, I found these two (not lovely shade of orange) Mid-Century Chairs.  They are in perfect condition, but the upholstery is a little crunchy.  Will need to address that.

Orange Chairs JUNK

When I removed one of the cushions, I found something that looked alarming at first glance.

Raisin JUNK

It was someone’s snack.  A raisin.

Filing Cabinet to keep me organized.  I have two of these now, inspiration coming soon.

File Cab JUNK

I can’t take credit for these junquey nightstands.  A sweet lady who lives near me emailed me with these.  I had purchased some lamps from her a while back.  She follows my blog and knows my affection for junque. Her husband had spied these on the side of the road and brought them home to be rescued!  That is the best kind of Junque!

Nightstands JUNK


I am getting rid of JUNK!  And I mean JUNK, not Junque.  I dragged this thing home, from “I Cannot Remember Where”.   (The name of most of the places I get stuff from).  I was so sure it was going to be my “Piece De Resistance” that would top all my other junque makeovers.  It has been living in the corner of my bedroom for two years now.  Exactly in the same state.  Except it acquired a brown thrift store suitcase.  (no clue how the suitcase walked upstairs and sat on that chair), an electric guitar, and an amplifier.  In my bedroom!  I guess we needed a place for the amplifier and the electic guitar, because isn’t that what everyone has in the corner of their master bedroom? Anyhow, Suffering Husband dragged it down the stairs and out the back door tonight.  Now what to do with that Brown Suitcase….

Chair before

That’s about it all the trash I can talk now.  I am trashed, heading to bed.  I hope the guitar and amplifier haven’t crashed on my pad.  I am feeling strung out, but so amped up for all my junque finds!


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  1. says

    You crack me up and make me smile with every post you do. I think I am in love with those orange chairs too. Something about them!!! Maybe it brings back memories of the Brady Bunch!!! I hope you do something spectacular with them.

  2. says

    The owner of the guitar and amp better come fetch it from your room…don’t they know if they sit still for too long they will get a redoux?


  3. says

    WoW, the orange chairs are a pretty cool find!
    ~I snagged a few cool curbies just over the weekend that I can’t wait to work on and share! I totally thought of you while I snatched them up! ; D

  4. Jill says

    Karen, I love this! I am a fellow junker, you cannot believe what I have gotten out of the ‘trash’. My favorite finds have been 2 pairs of concrete urns that people were throwing away because they were not prisitine. For me, they were just getting to the way I like them! Thanks for the inspiration! It’s trash day today, so I will keep my eyes peeled on my way home!

  5. Teri says

    Today is trash day. On my way home from dropping off the girls (on trash day the route is a bit different/longer), I spotted not one, not two, but three other pickers, picking up MY junk from the curb. I’ve never seen so many pickers out. I think I’m going to have get up earlier to get the good junk for now on.

    You have started a Redoux revolution.

  6. Suffering Husband says

    If you decorate the orange chair with the guitar, amp and possibly suitcase you wont
    need to re-upholter it. I’m just trying to save you the effort..

  7. says

    I cannot believe someone threw away those orange chairs… They are awesome… Not the fabric of course but I can’t wait to see the redo! – Susan

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