Cece Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset and How to Use Endurance Video!

CeCe Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset and How To Use Endurance Video

Everyone has had a little stool around their house.  For small children, or to reach high shelves.  I am a few centimeters shy of 6 feet, Suffering husband 6’5″. We probably don’t need a step stool, but they can be so cute!

In honor of Fall and all the gorgeous colors around me, I chose CeCe Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset.  I love the warm orange hue, but I didn’t want the color to fade, or any of the paint to wear from too many feet and shoes stepping on it!

Cece Caldwells Mesa Sunset Step Stool Redouxinteriors

Here is my basic step stool before.  Sorry looking before picture.

Cece Caldwells Mesa Sunset Step Stool before Redouxinteriors

I used CeCe Caldwell’s Endurance Clear Coat.  It is my new favorite go-to finish. Why? It is so easy to apply, there is almost no smell, and this stuff is tough.  Ready to see it in action?  Check out my How To Video!  Just click on me putting on lipstick.

Endurance Video Putting on lipstick

Look how my step stool shines in the sun with it’s Endurance on!

Mesa Sunset Step Stool Redouxinteriors

If you haven’t tried Endurance, get yourself some!  You will be amazed at how easy it is to use, and gorgeous the finish is.  If you forget how to apply it (or you enjoy seeing someone make a goof of themselves) come back here for instruction! 







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  1. Melody says

    What if you have already waxed your piece but realize you may need more protection on the piece? can you put endurance over wax?

    • GTC says

      Great question Melody. I would not recommend putting Endurance, or any finish over wax. Wax should be your last product you use. Often I will put wax over a clear coat because I like the look and feel of wax and a little added protection. If you let the wax cure for about 30 days, you should be able to then put Endurance over it. Another option is to wipe the piece lightly with denatured alcohol. This basically dissolves the wax, but don’t rub too hard, you don’t want to take the paint with it. One ore option could be to put another layer of wax on. You can layer wax, with buffing in between. Hope this helps!

  2. says

    Shhh don’t tell on me but I haven’t tried it yet but will now. I absolutely love you Karen. I love your spunkiness, and your jeux de vie!

  3. says

    Ok, first off – that step stool is aDORable! Secondly – your video is even MORE adorable! Don’t get me wrong – I think the video is helpful, and I’ve pinned it so I can refer back to it at some future point, but you are just so awesome in demonstrating it and keeping it real! Bravo! (And the dog was hilarious at the end….)

  4. says

    Such a pretty color! (And I’m absolutely interested in the Endurance now!)
    Thanks for linking up at Twirl & Take a Bow! We hope to see you again this week.
    ~ Brooke ~

  5. Jaime says

    Hi Karen. I have a question for you. I painted a hutch several months ago and finished it with clear wax. Recently someone introduced me to Endurance. Wanting to give it extra protection I decided to apply 2 coats of Endurance over it. But the result has been bad :-( the Endurance (not the paint) has started to peel. Over the entire piece!!! Not to be disgusting…but it comes off in thin layers (kinda Ike the way your skin peels after a sunburn…sorry, but that was the best description I could think of). It never became that hard coat like I was expecting. Was it bc the piece was waxed first? What should I do differently on future pieces? I was planning to use the endurance on my cabinet re-do….but after this…I’m not so sure. Thanks for any advice you can give.

  6. Darca Tkach says

    Hi! I am so afraid to use wax after several disasters with Annie Sloan wax. You have given me hope that I can use Endurance on my furniture! I am still very nervous but I will try.

    Do you have any tips about how to avoid streaking when using Endurance?


  1. […] When this dried, I painted the bookshelf in CeCe’s Traverse City Cherry.  When dried, I sanded the entire piece with a 320 grit sand paper to give the piece a very soft finish. I sealed the entire bookshelf with my favorite sealer, CeCe Caldwell’s Endurance.  A super hard clear coat, very low VOC, like a non yellowing polyurethane.  It is the easiest finish to apply.  You can see how to apply on my Video! […]

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