Trashy Tuesday, Springing on you

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!!  I found some different kind of junque this week.   I have been curbing my curbside shopping tendencies to only smaller stuff  in favor of emptying my garage and side yard of junk!

  Magazine Rack Traverse City cherry Redouxinteriors

I found this magazine/newspaper holder on the curb one morning with a mission style Coffee Table that I may or may not keep. Amazing what a little paint will do!   I painted it CeCe Caldwell’s Traverse City Cherry and it is on its way to Paris Flea!

Here it is before in its natural junk state:

Magazine Holder Before

I couldn’t pass up these deals I found in a nearby Apartment Dumpster. Yep, those are crib mattresses.  Hold your nose, it gets better.

Crib mattress

Inside is a treasure  trove of springs, batting, and if you are lucky, extra stuffing stuff you use when upholstering furniture.

Taking cover off of crib mattress

It’s a simple task to free the innards of the mattress pad.  Snip a hole near the seam on the edge, and just pull, it pulls apart pretty easy.  The covers were waterproof, so I wasn’t too worried about the quality of what was inside.

Crib Springs Redouxinteriors


Next, simply unfold the batting off the springs.  Hey, this stuff is not cheap, and if you can get it from a baby for free, (well the baby gave it up), then why not?

Batting Inside

Inside that will be the coil of springs.  I have one in my yard that has been rusting away and helped hold up some of my garden this summer.  I was thinking of taking them, (one at a time) and attaching to a large board and making a memo board.  Don’t know yet, but if I leave it on the side of my house long enough, I am sure an idea will spring to mind.

Crib Springs 2 Redouxinteriors

That’s all folks.





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  1. You must have had a real spring in your step when you found that!!

  2. Cute idea you have for a memo board! It might be cute with bright colored wooden clothes pins to hold your memos onto the springs. It would make a cute idea board or even take the place of a pegboard above a work bench using “s” hooks to hang your tools and gadgets!! Neat-o find :)

  3. love rusty springs!!!! oh the possibilities Karen!

  4. Lindsay O. says:

    Your findings were so easy, they were like taking mattresses from a baby! :) Hehe. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! When I saw your springs, I thought of a wall-hung herb garden with lots of moss!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh!!

  6. Great possibilities with those baby mattresses! I am loving that red Karen..great transformation.

  7. Very clever, that stuffs not cheap to buy!

  8. Mary Anderson says:

    I recently salvaged fabric from an old mattress that came with a bedroom set I bought at an auction. It had a few stains (ick) but I ran it through the wash with some bleach and used the baking soda/peroxide trick to remove any that remained. It’s got a pretty pattern (which didn’t fade!) and it feels like muslin. It came from a full sized mattress, so I’ll be turning it into a tablecloth one of these days. The mattress was so old, it had excelsior instead of batting, so we didn’t have that to salvage. We didn’t keep the springs, because we didn’t have room. :( They went in the recycling bin, though.

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