Trashy Tuesday, The Best Things in Life are Free!

Merry Trashy Tuesday!  We are almost to the end of a totally trashy year, filled with all kinds of junque.  In case you missed some of my favorite Junque makeovers, here is my top 10 list.  Almost all are from this year, one or two are from years past, but they are consistently my highest viewed posts.

Favorite Junk Makeovers Redouxinteriors

Every post has some sort of tutorial and step by step instructions with the links.  You can check them out and start making over your own Junque for 2014!

From my Junque pile to yours. Here we go:

#1 Maybe my favorite.  My Bench made entirely of Junk.

Whole Bench 1

I made this bench from a free headboard.  A free wood garage door panel I chopped in half for the arms, reclaimed wood for the frame of the seat. The front legs were made from a free Coffee Table. The front trim is the railing from an old twin bed someone gave me.  The pad was made from an old bedspread, with a drop cloth.

#2  Dining Table turned work table

Before and After Dining Table to Work Table Redouxinteriors

My friend had a garage sale full of small decorative items I could easily repurpose and sell at Paris Flea Market.  She would only give me them to me for a bargain if I took this table off her hands.  I was only too thrilled.  I added  some reclaimed wood and wheels on the bottom, a large piece of MDF I had on hand. Then used extra long nails to hang paint brushes.  This table has made my work life so fun!

#3 Dumpster Desk turned Gorgeous French Desk

before and after dumpster desk redouxinteriorsI found this desk in the saddest condition.  I had to use a belt sander to smooth the top. Then filled it in with  Bondo. .   Then majorly sand again. Finally two coats of CeCe Caldwell’s paints and some glaze.  That desk is solid now!  It was all solid wood, it seemed so sad to discard it just because the top was so beat up.

#4 Headboard turned Coat Rack and Chalk Board

Headboard to coat rack 1

My friend Susan Goodman that owns Paris Flea Market where I sell and teach CeCe Caldwell’s Paint techniques gave me this old headboard.  I cut the legs off, painted the inset in chalkboard paint and the rest in CeCe Caldwell’s colors.  Added the hooks, a hanger in the back, and it sold fast!

#5 Anthropology inspired Dresser from a Curbside Find

Anthro Inspired Dresser Before and After RedouxinteriorsI found this dresser on the sidewalk near Suffering Husband’s office.  It was trash day, and there was actually a lot of furniture out.  A truck was in front of me, pulled over to examine this dresser, turned it’s nose up and kept driving.  All the more junk for me!  I did a multi layered finish with CeCe Caldwell’s paints, (they blend so easily) to mimic old weathered wood, added the numbers, (wheels of course) and off it went to a new home.

#6 Shipping Crate turned Rolling Workbench

pallet work bench

I took an oversized shipping Crate, added a piece of MDF to the top, a piece of MDF in the middle where there were reinforced pieces of wood, and locking wheels.  I have my table saw on it and store extra over sized things in here.  More free workspace!

#7 Old Dumpster Drawer turned under  bench shoe storage

Dumpster Drawer to Shoe Organizer RedouxinteriorsI found this old drawer in a dumpster.  I removed the printer’s box, painted the body in CeCe Caldwell’s, added wheels and some decoupaged newspaper.  It really is working as a great solution for my kid’s shoes downstairs.

#8 Painted Leather Chairs

Painted Leather Chair before and after RedouxinteriorsThese were free to me chairs from a neighbor.  The leather was stained and not very attractive.  I used layers of CeCe Caldwell’s paints, a glaze and a crackle to mimic leather cracking.  I just ran into the owner of these chairs, she has had them for a year now, and they are holding up perfectly!

9 Dumpster Dresser without drawers

French Dresser turned Basket Shelves RedouxinteriorsI found this dresser while cruising some Apartment Dumpsters.  You can read part  Two of my How To Dumpster Diving Series HERE.   The drawers did not get dumped along with the dresser.  I used existing parts of the dresser and scrap wood to create shelves.  Did a layered and blended paint treatment with CeCe Caldwell’s paints and added the baskets I already had on hand.

# 10 Joy Sign made from old Cabinet Door

Joy Sign from Cabinet Door before and after Redouxinteriors

This was my most recent junk makeover. I have so many old cabinet doors.  I saw this from Chapter 37 and I loved it!  I made my own version with Cece Caldwell’s paints and their new  100% natural Metallic Waxes!

This was not a junque makeover, but we did add to our family.  From a dumpster no less!  My friend Manny the Manequin.

Travis and Manny 2

We really love him and he loves hanging out with us.

Manny relaxing redouxinteriors

Merry Trashy Christmas from Manny, Me and the rest of my trashy family.


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  1. says

    Hi Karen:

    I am a fellow junker/repurposer/lover of all things French. LOVE your blog and your can-do spirit!

    I have a question for you – have you ever PAINTED UPHOLSTERY?

    I have been attempting to redo an upholstered chair I purchased and have a question for you.

    The chair is currently upholstered in a striped low-nap velvet/chenille type of fabric in golds, greens, browns – very 1970s.

    This past Fall I decided to paint the fabric, rather than attempt to reupholster – I purchased latex paint and added textile medium (according to the instructions on the bottle), however, the parts I have painted so far are still very stiff and seem like it would be uncomfortable to sit on. I asked around on fb but all I got were suggestions to reupholster.

    Do you have any insight/suggestions for what I might do. After my initial try, I stopped mid-project and the darling chair is currently sitting in my garage waiting to be finished.

    I really appreciate any help you or your readers can offer.

    :o) Jude

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