How To Turn a Table to a Coat Rack, or Table Turn Coat

Not everything turns out the way you want it to.  Not all furniture upcycles go on to live the happy, joyful existences they were upcycled to be.  Today, I bring you an example.  My Table Turn Coat.

Table turned Coat rack BANNER  Redouxinteriors

Remember the term Turn Coat?  (as in traitor). This table betrayed me.  I purchased it for a song, gave it an adorable new look, complete with cute chairs and the word PARIS across the top.  Hmph.  There it sat, for three months at Paris Flea Market, moving around to show its best side each month.  Hoping someone would bring it home.  Then it gave up the ghost and broke down.  It had had enough standing there, posing for potential customers. The legs broke up with the apron and the top blew it’s lid and broke up with everyone.

Black and White table chairs redouxinteriors

OY VEY!   Did you know your furniture upcycles could be drama queens???


I wasn’t going to let them throw their tantrum and sit in a corner.  I removed the drop leafs, the rest of the apron and the legs.  Perhaps the top really wanted to just hang around instead of holding up.  I added two thrift store mirrors to either end.  I used a leftover DDD, “Dumpster Dove Drawer” front and painted it in chalkboard paint for the message part.  Then I added coat hooks and fastened a hanging system on the back.

Table turned Coat Rack with arrows redouxinteriors

This piece is now proudly hanging around Paris Flea Market where it will serve you well. Not as a table with a ‘tude, but as a humble coat rack. Bells and whistles included in the base price.

Table turned Coat rack Redouxinteriors

signatureTable turn coat is showing off at these lovely parties:

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  1. says

    Love your coat rack! I admire you for being so resourceful and using up a ‘leftover’ also. Cute idea and so useful. Yes, WOOD IS WOOD and we shouldn’t waste it! Ha. Love your blog as always. Carol

  2. Elaine says

    Love it but also liked the table and chairs before your remodel. I would think you could still sell the chairs. They are adorable!

  3. ColleenB. says

    Newbie to your blog. Just signed up this morning to receive your newsletter and so glad I did.
    Nice to see that you gave your table alittle attitude adjusting. I think it looks great as a coat / hat rack

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