I LOVE What I Do, and You Can Come Too!

Have I mentioned how much I love restoring old furniture?  How much I love taking trash to treasure? Do you follow along here so you can get the scoop on Tuesday with my Trashy Tuesday series?

I have so much fun transforming my Junque to Jewels, and now I am sharing it in real time!  At Paris Flea Market in Livermore, CA, I am teaching Paint Classes using 100% natural  CeCe Caldwells Chalk and Clay based paints and products.  We are having a blast.

Check out how much fun we had today, here are a few pieces we started with.  CeCe Caldwells Paint Class before items redouxinteriors - CopyWe painted a fun take home project, these cute little frames.

Paint Made Easy CeCe Caldwells redouxinteriors

Everyone is having so much fun, especially Gina with the paint brush in the air!

Paint Made Easy Cece Caldwells having fun redouxinteriors - Copy

Lonae, our store manager at Paris Flea Market and Room With a Past in Walnut Creek, CA came to help out, and she is selling the paints in the South Bay Area now too!

CeCe Caldwells paint class having fun redouxinteriors - Copy

When we finished our practice boards and frames, we got to the fun part, the piece brought from home!

Gina has the first coat on her table and is studying which colors she wants to take home.   Jill is painting her free table in Simply White and Susan is giving her stool a makeover with Pittsburg Grey.

CeCe Caldwells Paint class almost finished redouxinteriors - Copy

Gina is in love with Vintage White and I am in love with her rustic stool!

Cece Caldwells class vintage white redouxinteriors - Copy

 Susan is getting the top of her stool completed.  She is planning to do her second layer and distress through to the Grey with Cinco Bayou Moss, a gorgeous neutral with green/gold undertone. CeCe caldwells paint class pittsburg grey redouxinteriors - Copy

Jill got this table for free!  It was left in the home when she and her husband moved in. She is giving it a whole new look with Simply White.

CeCe Caldwells Paint class vintage white redouxinteiriors

No priming, no sanding (usually) just start painting.  I would love for you to join in on the fun!  Check out my schedule here in WORKSHOPS.   CeCe Caldwell’s paints turns everyone into an artist. Come hang out with me, it’s always  a painting party.

Hope to see you soon!



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  1. Patty Soriano says

    I think you need to come to Texas and give a class. Even though I’ve started some of my projects with CeCe, I still feel a little hesitant about what I’m doing. Do you know if there are any videos of painting that might give me some more confidence ?

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