Shutter Up, Shutters in a Distressed State

Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone last week?  I flew down to Nashville, Tennessee to meet up with some of my favorite people. Distributors for CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  I will share more on our trip and just what I was doing there later this week.  Hint, I had so much fun I even rode a mechanical bull!

Back to the subject at hand, Redouxed furniture and accessories!  Last year I bought a bunch of fun stuff at an estate sale. Included in my stash were a collection of shutters!

Full shutters redouxinteriors

These shutters were truly an opportunity to show off the versatility of CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  Each Shutter was done in a combination of colors.  The base coat was CeCe Caldwell’s Nantucket Spray.  Next we did a mix of very watered down Omaha Ochre and Vintage White.

top of shutters redouxinteriors

When the chalk and clay based paint dried, (and it dries fast so you can move onto the next step!), I used a wet rag to “distress” the shutters.

Close up shutters redouxinteriors

This process could not be easier.  You simply take a damp rag, or even a baby wipe and wipe the paint off where you want it “distressed”.

bottom of shutters redouxinteriors

Don’t wait a whole month to do this process, by then the paint will be completely cured and bonded with whatever you painted.

Shutter up close redouxinteriors

Most of my distressed shutters went to new homes at last month’s Paris Flea Market, but there might be one or two left for our next sale!  March 6th-9th!

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    Wait, what? You just wipe it off with a cloth? Is that only with CeCe Caldwell chalk and clay paints or do you do that with all paints? I’m intrigued! I recently painted shutters as well…took forever getting all of the slats! lol! They turn out so cute though! Yours look great!

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