Transforming a Trunk with CeCe Caldwell’s Paint Tricks

Transforming a Trunk with CeCe Caldwell’s Paint Tricks!

Today, I will try to top how many times I can talk about how tripped out this trunk tis and how many times I can use words that start with T.   Totally talking Trunks today.

Trunks are one of my favorite transformations to tackle.

Aged Trunk Santa Fe Turquoise inside Redouxinteriors

This Trunk was transferred to me by my friend Susan at Paris Flea Market (no T’s here).

Trunk wasn’t in too terrible condition, but there was tons of room for transformation.  Susan Trunk before Redouxinteriors

I had to initially take off the lock.  It was totally shut tight!  Maybe it was trying to hold treasure!

(Tired of T’ing now).  Once I got that lock off, I cleaned it thoroughly and did a light spray of Zinnser Spray Primer  (I wasn’t in the mood for a bleeder).  I used joint compound to fill in some of the mangled corners, then sanded it down when it was dry.

Trunk Primed redouxinteriors

I wanted the trunk to have movement.  I cut a piece of MDF to fit and added wheels.  Of course! (I add wheels to everything, you can see some HERE)

Wood for Trunk Redouxinteriors

I painted the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut, then finished with Myrtle Beach Sand.   I used Modern Masters Colorant in Coffee Bean and Aged Mahogany to darken the metal trim.  I used hard wearing Cece Caldwell’s Endurance on the entire piece, then added (my latest addiction) CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Cream.

Aged Trunk 1 Redouxinteriors

I love this product, it ages pieces naturally, and it is 100% natural, so I am not breathing any nasty chemicals.

Aged Trunk 2 Redouxinteriors

I was thrilled with the overall aged look, and turned my attention to the inside. The paper needed replacing, instead of putting new paper in.  I decided to remove the remnants and painted the interior in CeCe’s Santa Fe Turquoise (this was the 1st CeCe Caldwell color I ever tried, and it is still one of my favorites).

Aged Trunk Santa Fe Turquoise inside 2  Redouxinteriors

The Trunk traveled to Paris Flea Market in Livermore, CA where it is waiting for its next adventure!




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  1. says

    OMG! I adore this! That pop of turquoise inside is to die for! I have never bothered with vintage trunks because they can be groddy, but if it was painted I wouldn’t worry about it. I love the distressed finish of the outside as well, it’s perfect!

  2. Diana says

    The distressed look worked great, but the turquoise is perfect. Turquoise and aqua are turning out to be my new pop colors. They’re a nice change to what has been popular.

  3. Paula @ OMearas Cottage Charm says

    Simply usual! Your attention to detail in impeccable…not to mention your ability to think outside the box!

  4. says

    Karen, L.O.V.E it! I have an old metal trunk that is my Uncle’s from the Korean war…painted an obnoxious blue (therefore, it’s sitting in my garage!)… BUT, I will be pulling it out and giving it a make-over. Thanks for the inspiration! You rock!

    • GTC says

      Thank you so much Elsie! I can’t wait to see that! You will have to share at my weekend link party when you make it over. Glad it is coming out from under the bed!

    • GTC says

      Thank you so much Katie! Santa Fe Turquoise has always been and still is my favorite CeCe Caldwell’s color. I love it inside stuff too!

  5. Madaline Foglesong says

    Hi! This is great. I want to try something similar on my coffee table/end tables. I’ve ordered all the CeCe paints but am having a hard time finding/ordering the Modern Masters colorants. Are these two colorants still available through Modern Masters? (Or is there something I’m missing because I’m no professional – do you maybe have to mix some colors together to achieve the “coffee bean” and “aged mahogany” color? Is that what a color book is for, to tell you those things?) I emailed Modern Masters for help but just wondered if maybe you had a quick answer? If not that’s ok too! I am assuming you are incredibly busy because you are incredibly talented.


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