Trashy Tuesday. Furnishing the whole house

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday. The trashiest day of the week.  Would you like to redecorate your house without spending a fortune, or how about nothing at all?  I can help you!   I love to see a Uhaul pulling away as I embark on a dumpster dive.  YES, someone moved and I am sure they left some things for me!

Collage of dressers bakers rack

Now to be fair, I received this lovely  tufted bench from a sweet friend who decided she was not so into refurbishing it. It has a bum leg, but I will love it like one of my own, maybe even more.  Isn’t it gorgeous!

Tufted bench before redouxinteriors

I lover Survivor and Amazing Race.   I never seem to have the time to watch the episodes I recorded.  Now my family and I can eat all our meals on these fun REAL WOOD TV trays, stand included!  I can’t wait to make something fun out of this set.  I almost bought a set to repurpose at Goodwill recently.  (Not for me, I would never eat in front of the TV or allow my children too……….) ahem. TV trays before redouxinteriorsI love to bake and I love displaying dishes and cute kitchen things.  I wish had room for a cute Bakers Rack like this one I found.

Bakers rack before redouxinteriors - CopyAnd after I bake some home made bread, I would love to have a place to store the bread.  Maybe this Bread Box!  Think of how fun it will be in one of my favorite CeCe Caldwell’s colors.

Bread box before Redouxinteriors - CopyI’ve been waiting, for a dresser like you, to come into my life.  I’ve been waiting, for a dresser like you, to make me feel alright.  (Bad Foreigner song)  I am pretty sure they were not singing about a dresser).  I was SO feeling alright when I found this HUGE dresser.  Now, mind you it is a bit countryfied, but my goal is to completely transform it.  Let’s hope what is in my brain actually translates to a furniture makeover.

You can see on the right side of the picture I sort of jumped the gun and was eager to start….

Country Dresser Before redouxinteriors

Guess what else?!!  The original dresser owners left me two birthday cards, this is my birthday month after all.  How did they know?

cards - Copy

Except I don’t remember having children named Gordon, Jenn and Brandon, and maybe Jonny?

inside of card

Last Saturday, one of my neighborhood communities was having a garage sale.  This frame didn’t get the memo that it was for sale.  It was leaning against a street sign by itself.  So sad. Maybe someone had buyers remorse and ditched in on the long walk home.

Free frame - Copy

This last dresser is very close to my heart.  My husband (aka suffering husband) found this one night last week and stayed with it until I could get to it with my van.  Then he loaded and unloaded the whole things for me.  And it has all its drawers. Now that is true Junk Love.

Dresser Number two found on street

I hope your week is springing up good junque every where!



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  1. Sheila says

    Isn’t dumpster diving awesome girl !!! I’ve been doing it for years and years and still love it. Hubby is amazed at what I come home with and fix up to our liking. Go girl go !!!

    • GTC says

      Thank you so much Sheila! Yes, Dumpster Diving is an addiction and it is crazy fun. I never cease to be amazed what people just toss in the trash! Keep up the good work friend!

  2. Deborah says

    You are so creative ! I love reading your blog it’s just good crazy fun. If you ever come to Alababama let’s hAng out!

  3. Nina says

    I have been MIA in reading your blog and have not even lifted a paint brush. The move was not printable on how I feel. I have a laundry list of projects and now that we are settling in I can start again. Quick question can I use endurance on a piece that will sit outside? I have a butcher block cart that I’m thinking of turning into a potting bench. Now I need to go back and catch up.

    • GTC says

      I didn’t know you moved Nina! That is right up there with death and divorce. Now you need to relax and do some painting! You can use Endurance outdoors. It won’t yellow in the sun, it is not rated for outdoor use though. They are coming up with something that will be. It is rated for kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets, etc. If you plan to leave the potting bench out year round, you might want to consider a product rated for outdoors, even a marine rated project. The nice thing about Endurance though, it is the easiest clear coat I have ever used, and no smell.

  4. says

    I am loving the TV trays. I let a set go a while ago and am sorry now. I’m thinking each tray with a different game board painted on it. Checker’s maybe. Please show us what you do with them.

    • GTC says

      That is such a cute idea! I hadn’t even thought of putting games on them. I had a client years ago where I did a Green Bay Packers theme. Maybe TV trays are making a come back! I will definitely post when I get to that project.


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