Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Diving DIY, Filing Cabinet, Sewing Cabinet and le garage

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!!  Where we talk trash, literally.

I found a filing cabinet, a sewing cabinet and this super cool chair. Plus, I had a fight with a dumpster this week, and I WON!

dumpster diving collage chair, filing cabinet and sewing cabinet redouxinteriors

It was a slow week in the Dumpster Diving world, I have quite the full garage. As you can see here.  My garage runneth over and it is time to clean house again. If you look closely, you can see last week’s table got made over!

Messy garage redouxinteriors

The trash universe seems to know when the dumpsters are slow, the “free” starts flowing.  A very lovely friend called me with the offer to take this sewing cabinet!    The sewing cabinet is going to get a total makeover, maybe wheels, little rolling island???

old sewing cabinet free redouxinteriors

She also gave me this cool chair!  I like it just the way it is, but maybe clean up the wood.  Isn’t that seat so cool?  Does anyone know why it looks like Swiss Cheese?

unusual old chair free redouxinteriors

Now back to that fight.  I had my Dumpsterdar (dumpster radar) in high gear as I drove past a certain dumpster near my favorite Target shopping center.  A quick peek revealed there was a large metal filing cabinet in there.  Filing cabinets are kind of fun things to make over because you can completely change the look of them.  I love using CeCe Caldwell’s paints on metal, it sticks to a metal surface like concrete, and you end up with a different look than just wood.

black filing cabinet dumpster dive redouxinteriors

Back to the filing cabinet. My first thought was to take the drawers out.  This would make the task of lifting it out doable.  Drawers didn’t budge.  Trust me, I tried.  I am a pretty strong girl.  I don’t lift weights to just look studly.  I managed to hoist the two ton filing cabinet right up to the edge of the dumpster. I thought then it was just a matter of pushing it over the edge.  Hoping the loud sound didn’t send people running from all directions to see if a bomb went off.  Mostly hoping it didn’t crumple like a piece of tin foil.  Just as it was about to go, it slipped back into the dumpster with me jumping out of the way.

A normal person would have given up at this point. If you are a regular here, you know I am not normal.  My motto when it comes to difficult to handle large dumpster items.  “Where this is a will, there is a way”.  I climbed out and began searching for help.  I found three Office Depot warehouse workers on what they thought was a relaxing lunch break.  I explained the situation, agreed to pay them $20 if they could help me get it out and into my car, and not 60 seconds later, I had a friend in the dumpster with me with two more guys on the outside, loading it into the back of my van.  Trust me, where there is a will, there is a way.

And just so you can have a little glimpse of the exciting daily life I lead.  Here is a frequent scene I enjoy while I am working.

dog in lavender redouxinteriors

This is my dog.  And she thoroughly enjoys hunting lizards in the bushes.

Hope your week is totally trashy. The end.





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  1. Fran says

    Such great stories. I love the chair and sewing cabinet too. I also seen your poor finger over on instagram with the fight with the dumpster. I have to say that is dedication. Keep up the good work, always love to see your post..

  2. says

    The chair seat looks like Swiss cheese because those are ventilation holes to keep it cooler when it’s hot out. You might look underneath the seat to see if there are holes around the edge of the opening. Those wood “lids” were often used to cover a worn-out caned seat on chairs.

  3. LeeAnn says

    Great finds! Can’t wait to see what you do with the sewing cabinet. I rescued one from a thrift store years ago. They weren’t selling it they were going to throw it into the dumpster! I said ‘oh no, I’ll put that into my car if you don’t mind’ … alas, the cute sewing cabinet which has great potential has been in my garage ever since. I love the idea of adding wheels and making it a rolling island.
    I hope to ‘redoux’ it soon!
    Love your website….thanks for sharing all these great ideas with us
    Happy Earth Day!!


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