Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Diving Gold!

Trashy Tuesday – Dumpster Diving Gold this week!  Well, not literal gold, but I did find some nice things this week!  
Junk Finds Gold Chair and Round Ottoman redouxinteriors

Just when I am about to put a moratorium on myself for Dumpster Diving, something really good comes along.  The last two weeks I gave away several “Dumpster Dove” items I realized I wasn’t as in love with.  The universal law of garage cleaning out is that as soon as you make space, the Dumpsters give you something to fill it up with again.

I promised myself, no more chairs!!  In fact, I gave away several of them this morning!  And just like that, I found this right next to a dumpster.  I love the wood details and I am anxious to try out my (lacking) upholstery skills.Dumpter Dove Gold Chair redouxinteriors

I have a round robin thing going in the Coffee Table department in my living room.  I like the idea of a soft Ottoman.  I think I might try to use my magical demolition powers and make this one shrink a bit. Besides, why not add one more thing to my 997 item list of DIY projects that need to be completed here?Dumpster Dive ottoman

Apparently it was moving out day for someone in my community.  Trust me, I did a thorough scan of the goods, most of it was truly trash, but who can’t use another Garden Trowel, dirt included! Dumpster Dive Garden trowel

That’s it for this week.  Hope you find Gold in your Dumpster this week and have a totally Trashy week while you are at it!



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  1. oh that chair is awesome! the shape- swoon!

  2. Love your finds especially the chair–that is going to be a beauty!

  3. Ooh, wish I could’ve got one of your reject chairs! I just got some paint and am ready to start playing around :)

  4. Check out Design Sponge’s series on upholstering. It has great directions, step by step photos, and is very easy to follow. Love that ottoman!

  5. Oh I don’t blame you!! (and I might be just a little bit the same! ;) ) Great finds!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Boy, you did get gold…Love the Chair and Ottoman….I would love to see the chair in a pink..Keep picking!!!!


  1. […] of my week!  I found some Gold in the Dumpsters this week!  Seriously, the gold chair’s cushion is stuffed with down, and that fabric is […]

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    Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Diving Gold! – Redoux Interiors

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