Mixing Leftover Paint Friendship Dresser

Mixing Leftover Paint Friendship Dresser.Mixed paint friendship dresser redouxinteriors

Mixing up leftovers are sometimes better than the original.  Just like old friends, leftovers can be comforting, familiar and often better than the original thing!  I picked up this dresser from an old friend. She was cleaning many items out of her house and this dresser was one of the items going.  Just like any good friendship, it needed some love, some work, and some TLC.Friendship dresser before

After I attended the repairs, the tightening of those dove tail drawers and smoothed out the well worn top. I turned my attention to which CeCe Caldwell‘s color to use.  Instead of opening the newest color I am in love with, I decided to go back to some old favorites.  I had just a little Portland Rose and Texas Prairie left.


Photo Courtesy of Dear Olympia


Photo Courtesy of Vintage Dames

These are two colors that have been retired from the CeCe Pallet, but not too worry, you can come up with similar colors with many of their colors in their current pallet. That is the really amazing thing about CeCe Caldwells paints.  You can mix the colors to come up with completely different colors.  I do this all the time.  Like finding out new things about old friends, I am amazed at what I can do with what might be “leftovers”.

The hardware was hard to remove, so I opted to not remove it and lightly paint over it.  I brushed on two coats of my mix, going over the hardware too.  When the paint was completely dry, I used a damp rag to take off some of the paint on the hardware.Mixed Leftover paint dresser hardware wet distress redouxinteriors

I lightly sanded the rest of the piece and sealed it with CeCe Caldwell’s Endurance and some 100% Natural Clear Wax on top to make the finish extra smooth.

Mixed Leftovers deserve to be dressed up with something special.  I lined the drawers with old sheet music, adding  new liners just seemed to not mix with the whole feel of the piece.  Friendship Dresser lined with sheet music

This dresser will be available at our next Paris Flea Market Sale, starts this Thursday night and runs through Sunday.  Hope I see you there!
Friendship dresser redouxinteriors



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