Trashy Tuesday Sailing Along With Junk

Trashy Tuesday Sailing Along With Junk

trashy tuesday even the boat redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday where talking trash is always encouraged.  The trash has been piling up at my house and I have been staying away from the Dumpsters.  I have been taking it easy this summer and just sailing along with the junk I have.  However, I have some good trash or junk to share with you!

What would you do if you got this GIANT canoe for free?Free Canoe redouxinteriors

Here is the back story.  Our family loves to Kayak and Canoe when we are on vacation.  There are places near our home to enjoy sailing along rivers and lakes as well.  However, we do not own a Kayak or Canoe. Suffering husband came home from work one day with great news!  His business partner had a canoe for free!!!  It was described as a solid, two man canoe, could go anywhere.  This is what Suffering husband and I imagined.


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This is what Suffering Husband came home with.  (or what it looked like on my van).CanoeMarathon1

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The Canoe was 18 feet long!!!  Suffering husband’s business partner had lugged the giant canoe from his house to their office.  Suffering husband didn’t have the heart to say WHAT THE HECK?????  THAT THING IS TWICE AS BIG AS YOU DESCRIBED.  Suffering husband and partner carefully loaded monster canoe on top of mini van.  Suffering husband had to drive home VERY carefully on back roads that day with lots of annoyed commuters stuck behind him.  I wish I had a picture of that canoe on top of the mini van.  It gave new meaning to the word MINI, as in the van looked mini under the bulk of the ship.

Lucky for both of us, I had been in a major purging mood.  Trash was taking over!  I had just cleaned out the garage and the pile of chairs and there was a HUGE pile of furniture waiting to be picked up by Salvation Army the very next day.  lots of dumpster dive giveaways redouxinteriors

My disembodied arm showing you some of my stash.  Sometimes you have to let it go and let someone else Redoux it.

I had to think the most positive thoughts possible and WILL the Salvation Army people to take that canoe along with everything else. Otherwise, it would probably still be in our drive way.  There was no space anywhere in our house to repurpose that thing for another use.  There was no single space in our big back yard where we could berth it!  Turn it into a planter, etc.  It was too big, it was a monster.  The canoe was so big, it got there before you did.  Lucky for me and my neighbors.  They took the Canoe!!  They actually had to bring a separate truck, just to haul away the ship.  I could have probably done an entire Trashy Tuesday post on that Canoe alone!

In other junking news.  Suffering husband (he plays a big role in this post today) often sees free furniture near his office.  We found this plant stand just the other day!  It needs a little makeover, but I thought it still had loveliness left in plant stand redouxinteriors

You know I love me a good dumpster dive.  I am always very careful to look where I step and wear the proper attire.  You can read all about the rules and insider’s tips on my Three Part Series, The Complete Guide To Dumpster Diving.  DumpsterDiveRedoux

This lovely lace runner was found several months ago, but was being stored in my stash.  My original plan was to use it to do a cool paint treatment.  I realized it might be better served in its original state. (and check out my dog, she photo bombs just about every trashy tuesday photo!Lace runner dumpster found redouxinteriors

In Trashy Tuesday posts,  I have come across bugs, spiders, really bad smelly things and mold.  I don’t get grossed out.  But when I unfolded the lace runner to its full length, I thought there was a giant bug on it.  Nope, it was someone’s fake fingernail!!!!!!!  Insert horror music.  It seems to me, that if your fingernail came off, you might notice it, especially since it came off and stuck to something!  Maybe this was the reason the lace runner got tossed in the first place.  foundfingernail on trash redouxinteriors

That wraps up Trashy Tuesday Sailing along with my junk for today. What about you, what is the grossest thing you have found in the trash?  Hope you have a totally trashy week and don’t find anyone’s body parts, fake or not in any of your dives!



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  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas says

    Wish that canoe where mine.
    Many uses for that wonderful freebie:
    Convert into storage unit/ book shelf
    herb garden
    plant flowers in it. Make into a cute bed for a young boy’s room
    make into a sand box
    Or use it as a cooler when having a large picnic; fill will ice and add your bottled drinks
    Possibilities are endless

    • GTC says

      Those are all fantastic ideas and I wish I had thought of them earlier! The problem is, we have too much junk already!!! Something had to go.

    • GTC says

      Plant stand I think cancels out fingernail. That was the grossest thing. I almost put on big heavy gloves just to touch it and throw it away.

  2. Suffering Husband says

    I grew up canoeing. That canoe was barely pondworthy, too bulky to take
    out with 12 year old Mr. Red. A blessing the Sal. Army took it. I’m just thankful it’s not
    sitting in the living room covered in toile with potted plants sprouting up from under the

    • GTC says

      I was thinking we should have kept it and dragged it to the garden. Much more interesting to see tomatoes growing out of a boat than the planters boxes.

  3. says

    Adorable blog ! Where do you post your items for sale once you have redone them?

    Amazing ! I actually found someone who has as much JUNQUE as I do…that can be turned into beautiful treasures….for someone else.

    I need to purge, but it is just so hard to do. I keep thinking “I’m going to do this like…” and keep it another year or more.

    Glad I found your blog. Just too cute !! A happy place !!

    Rita Marie

    • GTC says

      Thanks so much Rita Marie! I sell my things once they are all fixed up at Paris Flea Market in Livermore, CA. If you are anywhere near us, look us up! I love meeting people to hoarde their “junque” too!

  4. says

    I did see that information after I asked. I should have looked first.

    I am in SC and sell online, which means shipping. From what I gathered after I read everything on Paris Flea Mkt, it appears a number of people work together to make this happen. We have places where where each booth is maybe 8 x 10, people are working completely separately to bring in things, but it appears you all have a different setup. Is that right? If so, it looks much more appealing, friendly, and profitable. I’m wondering how this all started. I noticed Paris Flea Mkt sister site is closing, but it sounded like all of those ladies had been doing this together for 10 years. I think this is a great idea making for a great community spirit as well as long time friendships. How do you start something like this.? We do also have flea markets, but I have never seen people joined together in one group to make such a large presence. I would love to know more. I would love to have you email me if you have the time.

    Have a wonderful day !

    Rita Marie

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