Dumpster Dive Modern Bookshelf Goes Chip Hip

Texas Prairie Virginia Chestnut chippy banner  Redouxinteriors

If you follow me around for a week, you will notice a pattern.  I dig Dumpsters. And not just the kind of digging as in “I Like”.  I actually dig in the Dumpster. Check out my Trashy Tuesday series if you want to keep up with the trash!  My Modern Bookshelf to Chippy finish is […]

Weekend DIY Inspiration, Girlfriend’s DIY week 2!

PicMonkey Collage

Happy Friday! Welcome to our weekly Friday party! GIRLFRIEND’S DIY Karen from Redouxinteriors,Katie From Upcycled Treasures, Tami from Curb Alert, Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence Here you get to meet new friends and awesome DIY/Upcycled projects you may have missed elsewhere.   I have gathered some of my favorite DIY girl friends and sharing projects […]

Pouf, Upcycle a Pouf in a Poof

Santa Fe Turquoise painted Pouf Redouxinteriors

I have always love the word “Pouf”. It originates from the French word for something inflated, but now has come to mean a fancy word for a small ottoman.  Whatever the meaning.  Here are two Poufs I recently made over with CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise. That’s right, I PAINTED THEM!  They started out as […]

Cabinet Doors on the Hook

Cabinet Door from Hooks collage redouxinteriors

Old kitchen cabinet doors are all the rage these days in Dumpsters.  At least that seems to be what I find when I am out doing my shopping (ummm, dumpster diving, curbside shopping). There are one million and one uses to repurpose them.  OBVIOUSLY the people who threw them out in the first place have […]

Springing New DIY Ideas on You, One Stop Projects!

april 4 share

There are so many amazing DIY bloggers. It can be easy to miss some of the best post!  I have teamed up with some of my favorite DIY/Upcyling friends to bring you a NEW weekly DIY upcycling share post.  Each week we will host a collaborative post with projects and links you may have missed.   […]

Whether or Weather you Glaze a Door

Door with glaze and plate redouxinteriors

Whether you glaze or not, you will want to check this out.  How to make a piece of furniture or decor look “weathered” is about as easy as spraying some water. If you are a somewhat regular around here,  you know how much I love a good dumpster dive and free furniture!  I have been […]

Sea Glass Blue Side Table

Under the sea table cece caldwells blues redouxinteriors

Happy St. Patricks Day! You can pinch me because there is nothing green here!! Only Blues and GOLDS! One of my favorite things to do with paints is experiment. As long as I have been painting, I have loved to combine colors, try out new techniques, and layer!  Now that I use CeCe Caldwell’s paints […]

Don’t Drop your Drawers, Turn them into Planters

Metal drawers turned planters banner redouxinteriors

Looking for New Ideas for Planters?  How about using old drawers? I was recently mourning the fact that the Pie Safe I had rescued from a Dumpster many months ago had finally gone to Pie Safe Heaven.  You can read about that find HERE.  It was in the saddest condition when I found it. I […]