Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster

Found In A Dumpster redouxinteriors

Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster Every Trashy Tuesday I share with you what I FOUND that week in and around Dumpsters. Road Side Pick Ups and just Free Junk.  This week, I thought I would share a bit of what it looks like inside that Dumpster Container. If you are an experienced Dumpster […]

Dressers Missing Drawers How To Repurpose Them

Dressers without drawers redouxinteriors

Dressers Missing Drawers How To Repurpose Them Ever come across Dresser MISSING their Drawers?  Did you Dresser drop its drawers?  No need to be a stressor, it can still be dresser, of sorts…… Check out 5 Dressers I repurposed.  Every one of them was a FREE to me Dumpster FIND! One of my favorites was […]

CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Stain Winner!


CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Stain Winner! Did you WIN?  If you entered the giveaway last week where you had the chance to win TWO CANS of CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Stain + Sealer, you might have WON!   If you didn’t win, don’t worry, you can buy the stain NOW from nearest CeCe Caldwell’s retailer in […]

Le French Maid and Le Assistant

French Maid Dresser 1

 Le French Maid and Le Assistant I bought these pieces a few months ago from a Craig’s list add.  I got such a deal on all of it! I dub these pieces Le French Maid and her assistant. This is the lovely dresser before, the finish is circa 1978  Lovey nightstand, that is not real […]

Red Desk with Dark Kukui Stained Top

jersey tomato meets hawaiian kukui redouxinteriors

Red Desk with Dark Kukui Stained Top What happens when you cross a Jersey Tomato Red color with a Dark Hawaiian Kukui Stained Top?  You get magic.  And a beautiful new creation.  Don’t you love the play of the Tomato Red with the Dark Kukui Stain?  I got this desk for FREE from my Hairapist.  She […]

Dumpster Bookshelf Turned Rolling Island

dumpster bookshelf turned cart redouxinteriors

I have a Dumpster Bookshelf TURNED ROLLING ISLAND!   How is this possible you might be asking?  A few power tools, some casters, reclaimed wood, and of course CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and their new ALL NATURAL Stain! This is what I started with.  If you follow Trashy Tuesday, then you may have seen this bookshelf […]

Pouf, Upcycle a Pouf in a Poof

Santa Fe Turquoise painted Pouf Redouxinteriors

Pouf, Upcycle a Pouf in a Poof with nothing but CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. I love the word Pouf. Pouf  originates from a French word for something inflated.  (which I think is funny) Pouf has come to mean a fancy word for a small ottoman.  Whatever the meaning.  Here are two Poufs I recently made over with […]

Bookmark This Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages

Lamp shade made of book pages redouxinteriors

  You will want to Bookmark this Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages! I love making over lamp shades.  I had an illuminating idea to makeover this lampshade. Don’t you love all the fabulous ideas out there for using old book pages?  Big Merci and Kudos to the 1st person to ever conceive of using […]