Dumpster Bookshelf Turned Rolling Island

dumpster bookshelf turned cart redouxinteriors

I have a Dumpster Bookshelf TURNED ROLLING ISLAND!   How is this possible you might be asking?  A few power tools, some casters, reclaimed wood, and of course CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and their new ALL NATURAL Stain! This is what I started with.  If you follow Trashy Tuesday, then you may have seen this bookshelf […]

Trashy Tuesday Another Week in the Dumpster

trashy tuesday another day in the dumpster redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Another Week in the Dumpster. How was your week?  I bet you didn’t spend it in a dumpster.  Actually, I didn’t either, but I did spend a bit of time lurking around them.  And my lurking paid off, BIG TIME. Starting with biggest finds first.  I found THESE TWO MIDCENTURY CHAIRS!  They […]

Trashy Tuesday Complete Guide To Dumpster Diving


Happy Trashy Tuesday!    Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Complete Guide to Dumpster Diving If you haven’t checked out my THREE part series on how to score the best junk, then read it now! Last week I talked about how to increase your junk network to find things like this desk, that was solid wood!   You […]

Bookmark This Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages

Lamp shade made of book pages redouxinteriors

  You will want to Bookmark this Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages! I love making over lamp shades.  I had an illuminating idea to makeover this lampshade. Don’t you love all the fabulous ideas out there for using old book pages?  Big Merci and Kudos to the 1st person to ever conceive of using […]

Make Flowers from Catalogues and Junk Mail

make junk mail into flowers redouxinteriors

Fall is in the air. The temps outside are still pretty warm.  It may feel like the middle of summer, but I know Fall is coming because the Fall Catalogues are arriving by the droves.  I don’t just toss them, I make Flowers from Catalogues and Junk Mail!  I have been collecting my paper flowers […]

Trashy Tuesday Develop Your Junk Network

Decorated from a Dumpster redouxinteriors.com

Trashy Tuesday, Develop your Junk Network If you are new to Trashy Tuesday, we talk trash.  Dumpster Junk, Curbside Shopping and fabulous free found items.   This week, my junk network was working. Keep reading, I am going to give you insight on how to develop your junk network too. Sometimes I am a network of […]

Trash to Treasure Table Makeover From The Dumpster

Dumpster Table makeover Myrtle Beach Sand BANNER redouxinteriors

Can you believe this Table was a piece of Trash I found a few weeks ago and shared on Trashy Tuesday?   It recently received a major makeover and a rescue from the Dumpster! Here it is the not too sad before state.  It was wobbly though! Don’t turn your nose up at shopping from […]

Trashy Tuesday Upcycling Garage Doors plus more

Trashy Tuesday weekly Dumpster haul redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, we are Upcycling Garage Doors today plus much more. Trashy Tuesday alert!  These doors have been around here for some time.  I picked them up a couple of years ago from a garage door installer who was removing old wood panels to put in new metal ones.  He cut them down […]