Trash to Treasure Table Makeover From The Dumpster

Dumpster Table makeover Myrtle Beach Sand BANNER redouxinteriors

Can you believe this Table was a piece of Trash I found a few weeks ago and shared on Trashy Tuesday?   It recently received a major makeover and a rescue from the Dumpster! Here it is the not too sad before state.  It was wobbly though! Don’t turn your nose up at shopping from […]

Trashy Tuesday Upcycling Garage Doors plus more

Trashy Tuesday weekly Dumpster haul redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, we are Upcycling Garage Doors today plus much more. Trashy Tuesday alert!  These doors have been around here for some time.  I picked them up a couple of years ago from a garage door installer who was removing old wood panels to put in new metal ones.  He cut them down […]

I Have Some Hang Ups, Headboard Turned Chalkboard

With Banner

I have some Hang ups, Headboard Turned Chalkboard Don’t we all have hang ups?  This is not the place you came for Armchair Psychology.  However, trust, me I have plenty of expertise in this area  Here is a new hangup for you you, a headboard turned chalkboard! I love making coat racks from discarded things.  […]

Cheap Bookshelf Makeover

before and after bookshelf makeover

Cheap bookshelf makeovers are on a roll. Cheap bookshelf makeovers are one of my favorite trash to treasure projects.  Its a box with some shelves.  No character, and can be found for a few dollars.  Or, maybe even around a dumpster.  I recently transformed another one of my junk bookshelves to jewel of a bookcase. Here […]

Trashy Tuesday Cleaning Out the Garage

trashy tuesday video tour redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Cleaning out the Garage…..Again! If you are a regular around these parts, does this seem like deja vu to you?  It does to me too.  I have an illness, it is called Dumpsterdivitis.  It is an addiction to Dumpster Diving and I can’t seem to stop and it takes over my […]

Decorating From a Dumpster Redoux Office Tour

Redoux office tour decorating from a dumpster

Welcome to Decorating From a Dumpster Redoux Office Tour! Finally!!!  My Decorating from a Dumpster Redoux Office Tour is ready for its close up. Quick, check out the post before it gets all messed up again!   Manny my dumpster found mannequin with the splatter paint job stands sentinel to my office o’ junk.   Step inside.  That’s […]

Trashy Tuesday Sit Down for this Junk Post

Junk week of August 11th wicker chest

Trashy Tuesday Sit Down for This Junk Post Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where trash talk is not only welcome, it is encouraged! Trashy Redouxers, I found some amazing junk this week. I must have a trashy divining rod inside of me somewhere that sets me and my van on a course to the Dumpster with […]

Trashy Tuesday, Getting Dumped is Delightful

Trashy Tuesday week August 4

Trashy Tuesday, Getting Dumped is Delightful Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Garbage is dumped, furniture is too. Who likes to be dumped?  Well no one, not in the break up sense of the word.That most definitely is not delightful. However, in the world of Redouxers, getting dumped can be delightful!  If it weren’t for all […]