Free French Table Goes Gold Glam!!

French table in gold and cece caldwells johnston daffodil glam  redouxinteriors

Free French Table Goes Gold Glam!!  In my own weird world, there would be a newspaper headline floating above my head every time I finished a project I was particularly pleased with.  My Free French Table would be front page news in the Daily Redoux Examiner (Maybe it should be called the Daily Redoux get […]

Sick Leave

Sorry friends.  I came down with a terrible flu bug over the weekend and am not recovering too well.  Will be laying low and not posting for a few days.  Hopefully back by end of the week.  I can’t wait to share this fantastic project.  The rest will have to wait!  Here is a sneak […]

Trashy Tuesday – Postponed due to technical difficulties

Hi friends.  No internet phone or TV around here.  It all crashed.  I have SOOOOO much junque to share too!  Hopefully it will be up by Wednesday morning sometime.   Until then, hope you get some great junque!

I’ve been working on a Desk and other Mundane Mondays

Paint overalls

I came across this quote, I had pulled out of a magazine somewhere.  Anyhow, last night while I was living vicariously through Next Food Network Star (it’s a toss up which one I would rather be, Next Food Network Star or HGTV Design Star, yeah, I dream big).  I was going through my pile of […]

Link Party #60, features and SHABBY APPLE GIVEAWAY WINNER

Chair Planter

First week of Summer break!  It felt like this: WHOOSH!  Summer hasn’t slowed down my schedule just yet, more like I caught up on all the appts. I had postponed until my kids were out and trying to finish the last few contract jobs on my schedule before I am FREE! We are heading out […]

Weekend Redoux Link Party #57 and Mes Préférés


Mark was giving me a hard time with the name of my link party, said it was getting old, boring, staid.  So I really changed things up (not)!  Anyhow, for the time being, it will be called the Weekend Redoux Link Party.  Much more fitting because after all, it opens Thursday evening (5:00 EST) and […]

Friday Features #56, Mes Préférés

Blue armoire

Is it Friday yet????? Nope, it is only Thursday, but Friday is just around the corner, and at 8:20 tonight, my sister’s plane arrives for a weekend of fun, so I am almost, almost off the “mom” clock! But, before I take off for all my fun adventures, I wanted to share with you some […]

Friday Features #55, Mes Préférés and the CeCe Caldwell’s giveaway winner!


WOW!  Do you ladies know how to turn out in style for a giveaway.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  I was amazed and so excited at the enthusiasm. The winner of the CeCe Caldwell’s Paint giveaway is…………….. LISA SCOZZARO!!!  Congratulations Lisa!  I am so excited for you to try out CeCe Caldwell’s […]