Furniture Giveaway with Prodigal Pieces

prodigal pieces giveaway

Furniture Giveaway with Prodigal Pieces Yep, you read that right.  My sweet friend Larissa at Prodigal Pieces is celebrating her 2 year blogiversary by giving away a gorgeous piece of furniture. Beautifully restored, and shipped to your house.  FREE!!! Larissa is overflowing with talent and I love her to pieces, and I love her Prodigal […]

How to Stain MidCentury Buffet with CeCe Caldwell’s

midcentury modern buffet before and after redouxinteriors

How to Stain MidCentury Buffet with CeCe Caldwell’s I have been in the Dumpster again!  Not a big surprise, I spend way too much time being fascinated with other people’s garbage.  And I am not talking trash here.  I am talking finding REAL furniture and all kinds of good stuff to upcycle. Last year I found […]

CeCe Caldwell’s Custom Color Mix

One paint color two different looks redouxinteriors

CeCe Caldwell’s Custom Color Mix There are 36 colors in the CeCe Caldwell’s Color Pallet.  You can come up with at least 3,600 color combinations.  The 100% Natural Chalk and Clay Based paints are poured by hand and meticulously overseen from conception to completion.   The colors are ALL beautiful.  They mix together beautifully to create entirely […]

Redouxinteriors and The Handmade Hangout Week 17


Redouxinteriors and The Handmade Hangout Week 17! Thank you to everyone who linked up the last two weeks…..As promised, it’s a DOUBLE FEATURE! When you link once, your project goes to SIX places! Let’s get to those features I love everything from Lauren at West Furniture Revival. This Coffee Table is a beautiful example of […]

Handmade Hangout Link Party Redouxinteriors week 15

Pottery Barn + Mummy Decorative Pillow + Knock Off _ 012

HANDMADE HANGOUT LINK PARTY REDOUXINTERIORS WEEK 15! You share you projects here at Redouxinteriors and have them linked and shown on SIX different blogs!  Link once, your project goes to SIX places! In case you MISSED it, here is what I SHARED this week: I share one of my favorite projects EVER.  My Black and White FRENCH […]

Trashy Tuesday Cleaning Out the Garage

trashy tuesday video tour redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Cleaning out the Garage…..Again! If you are a regular around these parts, does this seem like deja vu to you?  It does to me too.  I have an illness, it is called Dumpsterdivitis.  It is an addiction to Dumpster Diving and I can’t seem to stop and it takes over my […]

Free French Table Goes Gold Glam!!

French table in gold and cece caldwells johnston daffodil glam  redouxinteriors

Free French Table Goes Gold Glam!!  In my own weird world, there would be a newspaper headline floating above my head every time I finished a project I was particularly pleased with.  My Free French Table would be front page news in the Daily Redoux Examiner (Maybe it should be called the Daily Redoux get […]

Sick Leave

Sorry friends.  I came down with a terrible flu bug over the weekend and am not recovering too well.  Will be laying low and not posting for a few days.  Hopefully back by end of the week.  I can’t wait to share this fantastic project.  The rest will have to wait!  Here is a sneak […]