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Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs and Chairs

Broken chairs redouxinteriors

Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs Welcome to Trashy Tuesday and Broken Chairs and Chairs! More broken chairs and chairs you ask?  Why yes!  The more broken and the more chairs the better. Actually, not better.  But when it comes to chairs, I just can't stop myself. Imagine the possibilities that … [Read More...]

Trashy Tuesday Another Day at the Office Dumpster

another day at the office redouxinteriors

Trashy Tuesday Another Day at the Office Dumpster  Happy  Trashy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a good start.  My week is just another day at the Office Dumpster, so to speak.... I found an old Stereo Cabinet on someone's driveway and got to work right away (not) making it over.  I had … [Read More...]

Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles

PicMonkey Collage

Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles Welcome to Trashy Tuesday.  Today's post is HOT.  And not just because it is hot where I live and probably hot where you live too.  But HOT as in I got some HOT stuff this week and if I bring anything else home before upcycling it into something useful, I will be … [Read More...]

How to Use Stain over Paint Trashy Tuesday

Cece caldwells newport navy and walnut stain on nightstand  redouxinteriors

How to Use Stain over Paint Trashy Tuesday It's Trashy Tuesday!  And it's a two-for.  Not only do you get to see what I found for free, but you see the makeover!  Oops, I did it again....I went Dumpster Diving and curbside shopping.  I have a FIRM belief that if you need something, a … [Read More...]

Trashy Tuesday The Dumpster Chairs

Junk Chairs

Trashy Tuesday The Dumpster Chairs Welcome to Trashy Tuesday The Dumpster Chairs.  Full disclosure, I did not pull a single chair out of an actual dumpster.  We are using the term "Dumpster" loosely here today. I pulled this chair into my car from the side of the road.  A VERY BUSY road.  I … [Read More...]